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A resurgence of emotional sensitivity can create trouble today, especially if we take ourselves too seriously. The reflective Moon swims into watery Cancer at 7:24 am EDT, reminding us that the protective walls we erect won't necessarily keep out bad vibes. Someone's words stimulate an unpleasant memory when Mercury the Messenger forms an uneasy aspect with wounded Chiron. Confident Jupiter overcompensates by encouraging us to slip into denial.

You might have an attack of Mother Hen Syndrome today; you want to take everyone under your wing and protect them from all the evil influences in the world. Although your intentions are probably nothing but well-meaning, others think you're being overly controlling. You defend your actions and your integrity by claiming you only wish the best for everyone. Everything seems pretty straightforward on the surface, but increases in complexity the more you dig in your heels. Sometimes, relinquishing control is the highest form of love, even if it doesn't seem the kindest.

Sleep started at about 4:00 am. I managed to sleep right through until about 10:00 am. Our plan was to go to the garage sale in the Glebe suburb of central downtown. It was about 11:00 am when we finally hopped onto our electric wheelchairs and made a dash for the Glebe. I took a few pictures along the scenic route we took. The sky had puffy and wispy clouds that did little to diminish the hot rays of the sun beaming down. It was hot in the sunlight and I liked it like that.


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