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The cosmos is engaged in a tug-of-war and we may find ourselves caught in the middle today. Red-hot Mars is pulling one way and cold Saturn is pulling the other. Mars is the gas pedal initiating action while Saturn is the brake bringing everything to a halt. Frustration abounds when bossy Mars tells us to go while naysayer Saturn commands us to stop. Meanwhile, the Moon shifts into expressive Leo at 8:11 am EDT, nudging us into forward motion.

Your options seem to be more limited than you thought. In fact, you might decide to make your next round of plans through a process of elimination. Rather than choosing a path into the future and then making it happen, you could end up taking the only road ahead of you after you filter out those that will not feasibly work. But don't surrender the dreams that inspire you the most now. Even if you can't make them real yet, no one can take the magic of your visions away from you.

It was a cold and rainy day worth staying in bed and sleeping away the dismal hours. It was about 4:00 pm when the rain quit and we decided to take the van up to Herongate Mall. Peter was of a mind not to have to deal with any rain so that was his answer to the problem.

Me, I have other problems. I have the spitting disease. I cough until my bones rattle in spasms of painful exertions. There isn’t any cure for my ailments other than the inevitable end. I will take what I know to the Great Maker and his multiverse. I know what I know will add greatly to the knowledge accumulated on the other side. I have been there, so I will know where I will go without fear or trepidation.
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