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It has been overcast in a threatening way. But, for all of that, it hasn’t rained at all. The ground has remained dry. There are bands of storms that are upwind and certain to cover our area. A warning of scattered showers remains in effect. It makes no difference to the list of things on the agenda. Today is the day of surgery and Thursday is the day to see Dr.Pitt for my other surgery, So it goes that humans break down and need repairs. I am no different in that big respect.

I tried to show something of my latest sketches to the eye doctor. I could have done a much better job of showing my artistic talent but it went astray so she wasn’t all that impressed. I told her I used to be healthy and owned and drove my own tractor trailers all over the continent. Now, that impressed her. Then I waited to be the last one to have laser surgery for the day. You might say that I am a patient patient.

On the way home, we stopped off at the mall. The first place we went to was the pet shop to see cats. They haven’t had cats since Christmas time. Even puppies were not to be seen today. But, they do have birds, guinea pigs, fish, rabbits, and an occasional lizard. I am glad they are not into supplying rare things such as spiders, monkeys, and such.

From the pet shop we went to the World of Wally, as Peter puts it. We spent half an hour tracking along the aisles for a total of three things we could think of buying. Paper was on sale and the price of apricots more than made up for it. With a total of three articles, we went to the checkouts with tellers. It isn’t kosher to use the self checkouts that literally deny jobs and work for people who need the jobs no matter what the cost of checkout errors.
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