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We take life more seriously today as sweet Venus is subdued by responsible Saturn. We're not as quick to succumb to our emotional whims. Fortunately, the stabilizing Venus-Saturn trine keeps our feelings in line and helps to ensure our integrity in love. Meanwhile, the practical Virgo Moon reflects our need to analyze all the available data before making any decisions. The more we focus on the details now, the easier it will be over the days ahead.

The tables are pleasantly turned today and it seems as if everyone is being extra nice to you. In fact, there's a hint of love in the air and there may be more going on now than what you see. If you're interested in romancing a special person, be certain to ascertain their feelings before you move too fast with your own. Nevertheless, it's really not complicated; just don't waste energy lost in self-analysis when you can share your thoughts with someone else. Rumi wrote, "Reason is powerless in the expression of Love."

I nodded off at my desk a few times last night. By early morning I barely got half an hour’s worth of sleep. Then I was up and at ‘em to get prepared for the morning. There were things to get that Peter needed and I was the means to get it all to him. I even had a Thermos of coffee extra for him to sip through the day.

Off I went at a little after 8:00 am. The overcast sky was dark and cold, 13’ C cold. I had my winter sweater on my electric wheelchair, along with my white sweater. I had a heavy white cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up and my bare forearms didn’t seem to mind the morning coolness. I think it took about half an hour to get to the Rehabilitation floor where Peter was ensconced. I surprised Peter at his bed by the window. He was so happy to see me, hold me, and kiss a whole bunch!

The morning went by quickly as Peter went from one activity to another and from one therapist to another. I had my own appointment at 11:25 am with Dr. Pitt. He didn’t keep me waiting very long and his brief and perfunctory examination of his handiwork pleased him. I had very little pain and only tenderness when I touched the scar. Soon enough the stitches will dissolve and I will be considered healed from my trouble.

Now I am waiting for 6:00 pm to come around again so I can take another trip up to see Peter. I have the things to take to him all ready. It is just a matter of putting them into my knapsack and making some fresh coffee. Thermoses full of fresh coffee would put a good aroma and mood out for everyone to enjoy. My actual departure time turned out to be at 7:00 pm before the coffee was brewed and poured into the Thermoses.

I took about half an hour to be bundled up in the electric wheelchair going by the Mount Pleasant route. I was warm but still roughed up by the bumps that were far less as rugged on me by the longer Riverside Drive route. Still, it took some time after I had arrived to settle down enough to interact with Peter. We played crib for three games. I won two games out of three but I was silly with fatigue and falling asleep for moments at a time.

Peter knew I was exhausted but I wouldn’t leave him to go home. He decided to take me to Tim Horton’s in the hospital. I allowed myself to have a hot chocolate while Peter had a chicken salad croissant. The sugar in the hot chocolate began to revive me. I began to feel more awake and energy flowed to my fingers.

Peter and I said our goodbyes and parted company. I left through the back doors which happened to be the doors for the Cancer Clinic. I went around to the front of the hospital and made my way to Pleasant Park. In a short time I was home, almost shivering from cold. I went to the bedroom and stripped down to crawl into my kimono. Then I phoned Peter to let him I has arrived at home safely. He was pleased that I phoned to assure him that I was safe and sound at home.

Foolishly, I went to my desk and fell asleep after typing out a few paragraphs. It was not what I wanted but it was what happened. I woke up at about 3:30 am after having missed talking to Mom. I wasn’t awake and up for very long before I fell asleep at my desk again.


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