Jan. 5th, 2017

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I use a blog sequencing that allows automatic sorting by year, month and then day. It makes it easy for me to glance and see the date that a particular blog was written. I have a number of blog websites so I can easily forget to paste a blog over to any number of websites because of effort or time restraints. I hate that. Definitely I could use a few clones of myself just to keep up with my own workload.

We have had some not nice weather lately. Yesterday had mostly rain interrupted by frozen rain and hail. Then, we had two snow storms go through that has left about six inches of snow, ice and then a covering of snow. That means there are snow plows clearing out the residential areas. They make a lot of noise that isn't so bothersome since I am ten floors above ground. Yes I am a senior urbanite with many things to do.

I have been tied up in Facebook and in a number of blog saving websites like Wordpress and Blogger. I have a few hobbies that also take up effort and time in a big way. I like to sketch and build with balsa wood. I make rubber band powered kits by Guillow's Mfg which I post pictures of my progress on my Facebook page called Desktop Manufacturing. I keep photo albums of all my progress with each project I start. Whether it is a HO scale building or house, or one of the kits, I do great with the level of skill with details.


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