Jan. 7th, 2017

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Today was very cold with minus double digit temperatures. It was an experience to brave the cold to go to the doctor’s office and back. Then I stayed home while Peter went to the sports store in Landsdown park. He was there to buy a face mask to protect me from the cold. He returned home and then went to bed.

We slept for two hours before a service technician from Canada Care came to look at a safety bar the had been pulled away from the wall above the tub in the bathroom. The kind older gentleman examined the safety bar before deciding that he couldn’t do anything with reasonable assurance of it’s safety for anyone. He left and I proceeded to my desk.

The responsibility of the safety of the needed repair has an onus of layers of both the stability of the wall and the strength of the safety bar to hold the weight of anyone who would use it. Neither the supervisor of the building nor the service technician wanted to do anything that would lead back to their responsibility for the repair of the safety bar.

It could easily happen that an injury might result if the safety bar let go and a person dropped back into the tub. The safety bar does have a lot of stress placed upon it while supporting someone lifting up out of the tub. I know how much I weigh and how weakened the safety bar actually is. I could easily break a bone or two if I fell just a short distance back into the tub. Not good.

I haven’t done anything of note lately because of my watching of movies. I keep relearning old lessons of survival and life in general. I love to sit back and enjoy the stories that the movies have as their themes. We do live in a very lush and vibrantly alive world that has so much in every sense of the word.

I have a collection of Starwars robots that I have a strong preference for. I collected the R2D2 robots over the past decade. The C3P0 and Guardian Attack robot were bought separately in stores. I also have a small collection of Teenage Ninja Turtles that came with a movie. There is a long incense burner that has a very interesting figure laying down. I do have a collection of quarter ounce bottles of paint in different colours. However I don't think that paint is worth counting as a collection.


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