Jan. 17th, 2017

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It was the day that Peter was to come home from a stay in the General Hospital. He was taken by ambulance on Sunday morning at 3:00 am for breathing trouble. He was gasping for breath and the oxygen didn't help much. Peter had sat in his office chair at his desk for over a day before he gave up and called for help. I was so depressed that he didn't go to bed instead of just sitting in his chair. He said later that he just couldn't walk that far to the bed at the opposite end of the apartment, about sixty feet away.

Peter didn't respond well by going to the General Hospital. So, as well as the antibiotics and steroids given to him initially, they tried a new treatment. He was to be given antibodies from healthy people or sugar water in a double blind test. The group of test subjects might respond or not to the new test drug treatment. As far as I am concerned, the doctors should have given him a real treatment because Peter was so desperate for any kind of help.

I have a trouble with the medical system and the people who are associated with it. I know I am not doing well and I could easily have gone with Peter to the General Hospital. I have what is called COPD or lung trouble. I am sick but the doctors can't tell anyone exactly what is causing the trouble of breathing that I have. Right.

I have a life long history of breathing contaminated dust and chemicals. I grew up in an orchard that was sprayed twice a spring season with yellow sulphur dust to kill insects that would otherwise bother the tree crops. I would play or just walk through tall grass at the base of those apple and prune trees I grew up with. Then, I worked in factories for fifteen years. The factories manufactured all kinds of products that required the use of chemicals in one way or another. Then there were the twenty years of driving large trucks and tractor trailers. I moved large amounts of products from one place to another. Years of driving dumptrucks hauling all sorts of concrete, dirt, and other stuff was what I did. I was often told, "Don't stop because the dust is contaminated and not good. It would kill you if you breathed that dust" Then there were the years that I drove long distances with all kinds of loads coming and going all over the continent. Drive a thousand miles along a road and stop. When you opened the rear doors, there would be a cloud of dust rolling out to spread all over the place. Again, don't breathe the dust or it would kill you. So, now I am a senior, retired from work because of disabilities and I now have breathing troubles.

How do you put all of that into one paragraph? You can't. So, the preceeding paragraph is extra long and full of content. I have done a lot of things during my life and there is no way of shortening what I needed to write, type or whatever. By the same token, I know that Peter has had just an exciting life that was chock full of all kinds of activities. We are just a couple of disabled seniors, living as we do, trying to have what is left of our lives. It is hard to suffer with no hope of an end to the troubles we have to live with. There is no sense to it all of doing so much to make our civilization that much greater by our personal sacrifices and sufferings that come from what we have done.


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