Jan. 29th, 2017

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Familiar yet intense emotions rise into awareness today and some may be challenging to handle. Fleet-footed Mercury delivers profound messages from our subconscious and, try as we might, we can't ignore them. Nevertheless, it's tempting to turn newly uncovered facts into dreams once the Moon enters imaginative Pisces at 11:11 am EST. Clinging to innocence only works so long; the sooner we acknowledge the negativity, the sooner we can overcome it.

Old memories bubble up to the surface accompanied by a bittersweet sense of nostalgia. Methodical Mercury is sending a message in a bottle from your 4th House of Family, inviting you to revisit a childhood insecurity or painful trauma. You may try to suppress these recollections today, but there's no denying their impact on who you are as a person. Be gentle with yourself during this period of soul-searching -- you'll be stronger for it afterwards. Your past never defines your future.

We came home from an event downtown ans I slept sitting up at my desk ever since. I woke up in time to talk to Mom in BC and that was about it. I fell asleep again, probably from a decided lack of coffee. I do need coffee to keep my metabolism up enough to stay awake and doing things.

Speaking of my list of things to do, I do have a list. I have two balsa wood projects on the go as well as the major repair work that needs to be done to the Santa Maria. The CATastrophe has broken all the masts and most of the upper spars while making a tangled mess of the rigging. Just thinking about it makes me wince with the complexity of it all. Still, it is something that needs to be done whether I like it or not. I have to summon up the necessary energy and brick up my forehead to get something happening soon.

Santa Maria model ship by Lee Valley Tools
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You are turning a new page and are no longer afraid to speak up about what you want. Sexy Mars strides into your 7th House of Relationships, attracting all types of partnerships from romance to business. This cosmic dose of assertion mixes with your natural diplomacy to create a compelling potion that's sure to ignite passion wherever it's poured. Abraham Maslow wrote, "In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety."

Yesterday was a day that I was compelled to sleep in late. It was already 1:00 pm when I began to change out of my nightie and kimono into my winter wear. I didn’t take long to change although fresh coffee had to be made. I began to get my things together and fill my pouch with camera, phone, and pills. My credit cards already sat in their little caches. I even had money in my little zippered money pocket.

Getting out the door was literally half the battle. The rest of the day unfolded as it did with no arguement. Catching the bus downtown was no problem and in no time at all we were there. The Rideau Center was only the extensive mall to get to the Shaw Center. Modern architecture highlighted the impressive and spacious volumes of the center within the center,

The Shaw Center hosted the Sexapoloosa event in a very spacious setting that boasted three floors totalling one hundred feet in height. Large open areas were curtained off to allow several lecture engagements oriented to speak on numerous topics. Inside the main event there were separate salons arranged in a block style. At the far end of the main event were two curtained areas for a walk through museum and a dungeon.

We filed past a little ticket booth to go along one of the lecture events and audience participation with demonstrations. Beyond that was an open concept bar that sold beer and wine selections. We went past the bar through an entrance to the main event. On one side was a large stage featuring a long walkway with a show performance in progress. Room sized booths were lined up in rows with crowded walkways separating them. The whole complex was crowded with people, some in costumes, some in winter wear, and most their street attire.

We spent six hours wandering around from the lectures to the stage shows and through the alleys of shops. Innumerable companies and organizations were represented with displays of products and services. Demonstrators and sales personnel were kept busy by interacting with the passing people of interest. It was a virtual circus of activities, marketing of items, products, and services with the clamour of the crowd. My senses were tender with overstimulation by the arrays of displays, scents and incenses, and stimulations of many kinds.

Somehow we made our way through the maze to get outside where the bus stop was located. We didn’t wait long before a bus came that we could ride in the direction of home. We had to change buses at about half way home. At the local mall we stopped to have a burger and fries along with a fudge sundae for our late supper. Is it any wonder that I fell asleep at my desk so soon after arriving home.


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