Feb. 9th, 2017

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It's as if someone snuck extra caffeine into our coffee today. We race around, trying to keep up with everything we started. The Moon's shift into expressive Leo at 4:40 am EST encourages us to engage fully in all activities. Energy naturally flows into relationships when Luna harmoniously trines romantic Venus and sexy Mars. Still, we can find time to stir up more excitement while the willful Sun forms a cooperative sextile with shocking Uranus.

Today is another day to try to fit into a pattern. I don’t get the sleep I need when I need it. There are subtle changes in my routine that I am not controlling as I should. I have to watch every action, every moment, every insidious little factor for the inert habitudes that should be controlled. Who the Hell do I want to be? I am a shadow in a world of pain the drugs I have to take and have become addicted to doesn’t stop the waves of pain I feel. There is no help, no recourse to alternatives when it governs my life. Ask if I care? Ask if anyone would read this and try to do something. Right. I am alone.


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