Feb. 12th, 2017

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Recovering from the erratic energy of yesterday's Full Moon Eclipse is simple while optimistic Jupiter forms a flowing trine with the Sun. The Moon's shift into critical Virgo at 8:51 am EST empowers us to make choices that we recently delayed. High ideals and big ideas run the show now, but it's tricky to avoid our nagging mood changes throughout the day. Allowing our feelings to find their own route to expression makes everyone a bit happier. Is there specific issue you're facing? Get clarity with a live psychic reading today.

Another day has slipped away while I slept through only to have less than an hour awake. I took a bath and patched up with three new patches that change every third day. Patches are fifty mcg each and are backed up with only three capsules and six pills once every eight hours to keep me going. I am on a very powerful cocktail of pain management that lets me try to live a normal life. It wouldn’t be very good for me to quit cold turkey. I would go catatonic in an emergency intensive care unit. I don’t know if I would regain consciousness or not.

Who could think to write paragraphs so long as the preceeding? I simply made a summary of the normal day I have with pills once every four hours with a big batch once every eight hours and topped off with three patches once every three days. I might be an expensive date if I had to pay for my own medicine.

I woke up to catch up on my dose of pills and patches since today is a change out the patches day. While I was up and wandering around, I filled my glass of water, my cup of coffee, cleaned out the kitty litter, had a smoke outside on the balcony, and then washed the couch with a spray of Resolve cleaning liquid. Now I will watch the disc movie called Joe.


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