Mar. 1st, 2017

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My morning started off with a breakfast of oatmeal porridge and a bath. I was dressed by about 2:30 pm and almost ready to roll. Brushing my hair and putting on my winter coat is all that was left to do. I had to move Dory the kitten from my desk’s office chair. Twister once more refused to go outside onto the balcony with me for a smoke. She doesn’t smoke anyways.

It was a short distance to the bus stop at the mall. We took the 112 to Herongate mall and began our shopping. First on the list was the pharmacy for a few prescriptions and then off the Dollar store. It was a short list there that included candy bars and cans of compressed air. Then it was over to the Food Basics store for the rest of the shopping list. All I can say is that it was a fast way to spend a hundred dollars to fill two knap sacks.

Today is Tenders Tuesday. That means we go to the Independent store to buy two orders of chicken tenders which is deep fried pieces of white chicken in one box and another box of potatoe wedges. Then at home, the four of us devoured the two orders as fast as we could stuff our mouthes. After supper we went about our usual things, I on StupidThree, Peter on his slow wonder of a PC, and Alison and Les playing on their smart phones.

It happened a week before the end of February, There was a notice of the fact that we had used 100% of our Internet time with downloads and uploads. There are now four of us rather than only the both of us on the Internet. It is easy to understand and we just didn’t know what to do.

Finally, in desperation, Peter phoned up the Bell number and asked what we should do. Peter was advised that we didn’t have a modern modem. By changing our Internet usage to include what everyone was using, we be sent a new wireless modem and our account would be changed to reflect the useage of the newly modernized account, our modern wireless modem to replace the antique we had for so long. Upgrades are an expensive necessity.

We live on the tenth floor of a twenty two story highrise in the downtown area of a mega urban city. There is a small subdivision below us on the east side of a small creek. The first house closest to us is inhabited by an older man who has three grown up children. The cars come and go and the driveway is kept clear all winter long while the old man holidays elsewhere or is hospitalized in some medical facility. I don’t know where he is but he doesn’t show up and hasn’t for the past month. Maybe the huge place is up for sale or something.

It is a circumstance that most people face in older age or possibly changing circumstances. Who knows what has happened that the house is dark every night. The fact remains that the big old house has raised a family that comes and goes as families do. Life is like that when time is a consideration,


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