Mar. 2nd, 2017

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God of thunder, lightening, storms, and strength, Thor is best known for his hammer, Mjolnir. The son of Odin himself, Thor is 'brother' to Loki and protector of humanity. He is loyal and honorable but, more than that, the defender of the Aesir gods and their fortress, Asgard. The enemies? The giants! His strength is unmatched, and his courage and sense of duty are unquestioned. Who better than Thor than to protect his people?!

By what you decide to do every day you will be a good man or not. Hospitaler

Today is a patch day and a day of rest after my outing of yesterday. I slept a lot and watched a few movies. All I can say for myself was that I quipped a few times on Facebook. I know there are people who respect my point of view and my opinions. I also know I have friends who will stand up for me. My trouble is that I can easily feel like I am alone just because I don’t see my friends often enough to suit my needs.

I keep thinking of the past while I watch movies. It leads me to think that I am better and greater in strength than what I really am. I am really a disabled old hag that few care to have company with. Pity that, eh?

I should climb back into the cockpit of one of the planes I build and fly away into the sunset. They do fly, all of them, balanced and powered by an elastic band, I know they fly because I built them with my own hands. Funny what I know about the engineering of those planes, though. I can build them but I don’t know how to fly them if they were the actual fighters that they are.

Presently I have two Guillow’s kits on the go. The first one is the FW-190 that I am about half way through building the fuselage. The second one is a P-51 that has a fuselage and wings already built. Only the tail rudder and extras need to be sculpted and glued into place. I spend about a month on each kit and detail as much as I can to add realism. I have already built fourteen kits and two ships. The balsa wood lanes are of two scales, three of which have a 30 inch wingspan while the rest have only a 16 inch wingspan. One ship is 48 inches tall while the other is only 24 inches tall. It is all I can say for my accomplishments after about a decade.
Building with balsa wood isn’t the only hobby I have. I also sketch with coloured pencils and write blogs and stories. I have a shopping bag filled with pages of printer paper that bear my sketches. The pictures are of mostly scenery with few urban scenes. I love doing distant mountains and coloured skylines. I have tried doing faces, but my imagination is lacking details enough to do realistic likenesses. I know that practice is the key but I haven`t even bothered.


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