Mar. 5th, 2017

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We are emotionally subdued as vulnerable Venus begins her 42-day retrograde period. Although we're intellectually stoked once the Moon shifts into clever Gemini at 5:05 am EST, we can't trust the validity of our thoughts. Unfortunately, ideas grow muddled today when logical Mercury aligns with fuzzy Neptune. Dreams of love float through the sky, enticing us to grab one as it passes by, but we must wait for our romantic fantasies to be fulfilled.

A cycle of reevaluation is beginning as you reflect on your expectations of your most important partnerships. Resourceful Venus turns retrograde in your 7th House of Relationships, shifting your emotions inward for processing. This introspective phase gives you the opportunity to assess what you're willing to give others and what you want to receive in return. However, sudden moves or quick changes of heart are not advisable today. Assume the role of observer rather than initiator for the best results.

You have an unmatched skill for creating vast worlds both through facts and pure imagination. Your mind is full of creativity, artistry, and expression. You heart gracefully guides your hands as you work to bring what is truly your spirit to life. You were truly meant to guide the world with your words.

It might be the morning of the next day, but I am typing the words to describe the events of the day I have just gone through. I am a day late and a dollar short on this day, but that is my usual speed of doing things. I need to learn how to think and then type the words to describe my thoughts. I am in the process of writing out a book about the events I experienced a long time ago. That is my intention of typing out these blogs.

My day started off as usual by having a few hours of sleep before waking up and passing away the time doing various things. Mostly I sit at StupidThree and do what I usually do, watch movies and go through the articles in FaceBook. FaceBook is a very time-consuming Internet program. It is a way a lot of people keep in touch with friends, family, and even total strangers. It is amazing in a lot of ways.

I have to admit that I have an addictive personality. I have some serious addictions that begin with the letter ’C’. They are cigarettes, coffee, and computers. I have other addictions but they are more relegated to the nice and innocent group called habits. Attitudes and habits are shortened to the word called habitudes. Those are habitual attitudes that are expressed time and again in special circumstances. Don’t be confused by the attitudes of habit. Nor should you be confused by the habits of attitudes.

Today was the day I got to watch the movie called, `Dr. Strange’ by the Marvel comics. It was terrific! I loved how the CG was done to describe the ways that the mind portrays how we see things in our world. There is more to the world and the universe than we can describe or even imagine. Believe it.

How do you describe the things that go on in the past that influence your present and future life. Do you explain the things that there are no words to describe what we experience? We have to fall back on the words we know and bend them to describe the things we know in different or new terms. That can be so difficult to do when you dig for the right words in the right way to add to the meanings we already know but that don’t describe that we have actually experienced.

There was a time when i had all kinds of experiences. I didn’t bother to write them down or even to describe what I could remember. Now, so much time later, decades later, it comes to me to try to remember what I actually did so long ago. Right.

Now comes the hard part of remembering the facts without any of the story telling that is part of what it takes to describe the events and those circumstances that did happen. Do I believe it? That falls flat when I know what I experienced but can’t remember it all in one big memory. I have all of these little pieces of mud in the bottom of the swimming pool that is my mind at the best of times.


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