Mar. 6th, 2017

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Communication is in high focus while talkative Mercury lines up with the willful Sun in compassionate Pisces. We can get away with what we say today because our words may not sound as threatening as they are in reality. The Moon's shift into nurturing Cancer at 7:54 am EST is a reminder that we can express our feelings with kindness, even if we're not living up to our own expectations. Ultimately, it's less what we say than how we say it.

You may not realize how unkind you are to yourself until you pay close attention to your self-talk habits. If you wouldn't say it out loud to your best friend, you shouldn't say it mentally to yourself. Wordy Mercury joins the altruistic Sun in your 6th House of Routines, shining a light on how you consistently bring yourself down with negative thoughts. Transform this revelation into a more positive way of relating to yourself. Carrie Bradshaw said, "Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first."

We woke up to a phone call from a very dear friend. Her wife, her other married half had passed away last Sunday. I was worried about her and so I typed a message to her on FaceBook. I merely said, “Please call us.” Well, she did. Lynne talked with both of us to let us know she is doing well. She has friends very close to her for help and support. I was relieved to know that she is doing OK and getting on with her life.

Life is important. We have to depend upon very close people, close people, and not so close helpers. We have to love ourselves before we can love anyone else. We have to take care of ourselves before we can help others. We must be kind to ourselves before we let any other people into our lives. There is no mercy unless we create the mercy in the first place. Help?

We are such complex beings that it defies description just how complex we really are. We don’t just graze on grass all day long. We have our days filled with work, play, and so much more. We don’t survive in isolation because we group and are such herd animals. More than that is the fact that we create magic in our lives to make the world around us. It’s almost as if we were in a holographic display instead of a real universe that we `suppose’ exists. Right.

So, here it is, first thing in the morning and I am contemplating the mysteries of the universe as I try to type out the words as if it were only practice. I need a bowl of oatmeal. I have sucked up my first cup of coffee and need a refill. It is going to be a cold, wet, and miserable, day. Yay.

I have typoed a bit at a time on the supposed book I want to write. I got a single page typed during the space of a month. How the H am I supposed to be writing a book? I can barely remember the story when it was experiences I actually lived through. My mind swirls around in a daze trying to remember and keep the story in a straight line. I lived in a straight line of activity but I remember little pieces at a time. It is so frustrating to try to remember things without making any fiction or stuff that didn’t happen. Grr.

We got a phone call from a dear friend who is in jail. He wanted us to connect to a phone number and so make a conference call to his girlfriend. The little message he wanted to send to his girlfriend was that he would be out on Thursday.

The girlfriend wasn’t available on the first call to the woman’s residence. He was disappointed and frantic. He is in a jail cell by himself and having a hard time being alone. His first call from jail was only allowed fifteen minutes. The call ended before he could get a message to his girlfriend.

A few minutes later, our phone rang again with Lee calling to try to conference call again. Peter did agree to helping Lee with making a conference call. Peter switched our phone to speaker phone, dialled the phone number, and talked with a staff member at the woman’s residence. He agreed to connect Peter with Annie. Peter then held the house phone up to the cell phone that had Annie’s voice audible for Lee to hear. Connection and message sent.

It is not necessary to have two separate phones as Peter used to make the conference call. Instead it is only necessary to conference call the second number and connect the phone calls. Somehow it wouldn’t work with a phone call from jail as there is something preventing the connection. So, by using two separate phones, the connection can be made to have a voice call from one phone to another successfully.

It took Lee about half an hour to make a successful conference call and spend ten minutes talking to his girlfriend. Lee is twenty six years old with a long history of being in jail for drunkenness, assault, drugs, breaking a window, and resisting arrest. He isn’t an intentional criminal but his street life is behind his being in a public place and liable for arrest. Lee looks foreward to spending his life as a career criminal going from one girlfriend to another and from one flop house to another. It isn’t a lot and certainly nothing to be positive about.


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