Mar. 15th, 2017

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We're inclined, even compelled, to reveal all our cards today, but we can do it so quickly that we may regret a thoughtless disclosure. A poorly matched alignment between talkative Mercury and bombastic Jupiter tempts us to pump up our stories to make them more interesting. Unfortunately, there's nothing to hold us back until assertive Mars enters determined Taurus to steady our pace and give us the confidence we need to reach our goals.

You may have a habit of smiling and nodding whether you actually agree with someone or not. While you may think this is a common courtesy, your polite behavior could catch up with you and undermine your credibility. You don't have to bare your soul at the drop of a hat or to anyone that crosses your path, but relationships might reach a tipping point prior to becoming more meaningful. Joseph Campbell wrote, "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek."

Today started off as a frigidly cold day of preparing to go to the General Hospital to see a surgeon about my tummy hernia. It is a small thing that can likely be done under a local anaesthetic. There doesn’t seem to be anything to complicate a minor surgery on my tummy. For a little more pain, my pain will end soon enough, maybe even this year. I have suffered two decades of that pain in my tummy that is more than suffering a collapsed lung for a long month while waiting for a bed and a surgeon.

It was such a cold afternoon while the sun shone down so brightly. It was a warming pleasure of breath to cuddle up under the comforter. Snuggle, snuggle, and thoughts of a dream escape into oblivion. Oblivion comes when I should be thinking of another place and time of long ago. I do need to write of it so completely and descriptively.
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An odd mixture of comic energy encourages overreaction as a way to cover any uncertain feelings. The analytical Virgo Moon prompts us to sort through the information again and again, until we can draw a sensible conclusion. But signals arrive from other dimensions as cerebral Mercury steps outside the rational realms to embrace philosophical Jupiter. Meanwhile, an awkward Sun-Jupiter misalignment makes everything look better than it is.

You're looking forward to some downtime after a recent flurry of hard work. But as much as you want a bit of privacy to recharge, you keep your nose to the grindstone, hoping someone will validate your fatigue and congratulate you for your efforts. Perhaps it's time to ask why you're seeking outside approval. The truth is that you don't need a reason to take some time off; put your guilt aside and place yourself first on your list. Ovid wrote, "Take rest; a field that has rested yields a bountiful crop."

Going to sleep after the sun comes up isn’t the right way to do things. I should have gone to sleep so much earlier and yet stayed up at my desk. I often fall asleep at my desk and it causes so much trouble. I don’t like the results of the fact that I fell asleep before I got to bed because my feet swell and I get cold. In fact, I am so cold right now that I feel like taking a hot bath on this -11’ C day. I saw that there’s a storm on the way that has reached Toronto already. Brr!
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Social situations present complex problems as complicated dynamics come into play. The diplomatic Libra Moon enables us to see multiple points of view, but tough aspects prevent us from avoiding stress created by opposing perspectives. We might explore unconventional means to resolve the tension, but run into hurt feelings from the past that seem to haunt the present. Talking about our emotional pain allows us to leave old wounds behind.

You have one eye trained on the people around you today, because your quick reaction time allows you to keep up. Rapidly changing moods make constant readjustment a necessity. Although you're willing to do the dance of social niceties, you can't help but hope that everyone will calm down soon. Your attempts to smooth things over leave little time to tend to your own feelings, which aren't in the best shape either. It may be best to withdraw from your role as peace-keeper for a bit to nurse your own heart back to health. Oscar Wilde wrote, "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."

Today has been another day lost to wandering around in my kimono covering my nightie and leggings. I am also wearing socks inside my slippers just to keep my tootsies warm. It is a nor’easter blowing at -10 C with high winds and blowing snow. Extreme weather warnings were broadcast on all of the latest weather channels. It is definitely a day to stay snuggled up in bed so warm and comfy under a thick quilt.

The day passed quite quickly while the winter blizzard raged along the eastern seaboard. I woke up at about 10:00 pm and filled my coffee cup with cold coffee from this morning. Alison had come home and went to bed without waking us up. I didn’t think to ask Alison if she had anything to eat. So, I merely went to my desk and woke up StupidThree from sleep. I don’t shut down StupidThree unless to restart after running an antiviral program called Kaspersky, a Russian based antivirus program.

For the most part, I watched a movie called the Imitation Game. It was a well done movie about Alan Turing who made a machine to break the German Enigma code system. I felt very connected to the actors and actresses in the movie. Somehow I was inspired by the plot and as much by the people who played their parts so well. I was also motivated to screen capture some of the war images that were used, especially the aircraft scenes. Interesting eh?


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