Mar. 18th, 2017

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Steady progress feels good but the provocative Scorpio Moon still prompts us to look for trouble, even if there's not much to be found. Thankfully, Mars in pragmatic Taurus gives us an extra dose of patience, but Mercury and Venus are restless while camping out in impetuous Aries. Meanwhile, the Moon's smooth trine to spacey Neptune is like an escape valve that releases the pressures of the real world by offering fantasies as possible solutions.

It seems as if everyone you run into pushes your buttons today. You don't feel like compromising when someone isn't willing to meet you halfway, but magnetic Venus retrograde in your 7th House of Others keeps you coming back even if it's just for another quarrel. Unfortunately, you could continue repeating the same mistake until you find a way to break the cycle. Immerse yourself in doing something you love to give yourself and others space to breathe. Galileo wrote, "Passion is the genesis of genius."

Another day and another dollar in debt. Work, work, work. How many times did the day offer another solution, another dollar. How many times did the chase of the dollar falter until everything stops. How many times did every stop invoke depression, despair, hunger, loneliness, or longing, How many stops were there until continuity followed through to carry the event until there was what could be defined as a solution to paradoxes that I had encountered.

Have you ever encountered a paradox that caused so much trouble as to be a serious vexation to you? There are those paradoxes that do cause a lot of trouble. It takes considerable effort and time to be able to solve the problems of compounding paradoxes. Consider the trouble one paradox caused me to endure a wet slipper as a solution.

One bump leads to another tumble that bumps a normally stable object that falls over to fill my slipper with a cup of water. It took two and a half days for my slipper to dry out enough for me to put it on my foot. Even then, it was still wet enough to cause wrinkles on my foot that lasted through the following day.


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