Mar. 21st, 2017

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The astrological New Year is an annual rebirth that's marked by the Sun's shift into pioneering Aries at 6:28 am EDT. Although we are eager to charge ahead into the future, the Moon's shift into cautious Capricorn at 11:30 am reminds us that haste makes waste. In fact, a crisis in consciousness arises from the clash between the calculating Mountain Goat and the spontaneous Ram as the compulsive Capricorn Moon squares the impulsive Aries Sun.

It seems as if you might lose a precious opportunity if you don't tell a certain someone how you feel today. As the illuminating Sun moves into candid Aries, your 7th House of Relationships becomes a cosmic stage on which all manner of plays will take place. Whether it's a comedy or a drama, the theatre is booked for the next several weeks. But don't be too hasty to jump into the spotlight; a little stage fright might actually be your saving grace if you still need time to rehearse your lines. Wait until your head catches up to your heart.

Today was another day of sleep that had a big difference. Yesterday was supposed to be a patch day. My 150 mcg of Fentanyl was supposed to be replaced. Unfortunately yesterday passed without my patch replacement happening. That meant from yesterday, I went through a drug withdrawal. It is not a fun thing to go through the process of withdrawing from a drug. Believe that all of the nightmare tales of having withdrawal can be all too true.

Trying to recover what is supposed to be can be a very daunting task. It isn’t what you want to discover what you have. The twist of nightmares wraps around everything that is unwanted only to create something so wrong. It is up to conscious awareness to determine what should be and what is reality. It can’t be determined until much later when the body catches up to the balance of chemistry within the biology. It is a balance that has been kept for the past decade and a half and will continue indefinitely.

Rest and sleep are instrumental in the healing of the body and it’s return to the natural order that should be. Somehow there are processes to maintain that order of ourselves. It takes a balance of chemistry to keep a semblance of what we can perceive as reality. Such a balance can be upset so easily and so difficult to maintain.

There are many religions which try to teach us how to see and what to see as what should be. It isn’t always so easy to teach the abstract and progressions of evolution. Nevertheless many means of divination are available to forecast the inevitable future. Although not necessarily true, those readings do influence what possibilities are available. And obscure wordings also have an effect upon the interpretations to imply rather than to divine.


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