Mar. 24th, 2017

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We may jump into a sensitive conversation without realizing what we're about to uncover. Chatty Mercury in spontaneous Aries says talk now, think later. Meanwhile, powerful Pluto in Capricorn is slowly dismantling fundamental structures so they can be reconstructed from the foundation up. The Mercury-Pluto square releases buried tensions through communication while the conceptual Aquarius Moon urges us to process the changes objectively.

Any good captain worth their salt knows to steer their ship early to avoid last-minute turns that could capsize the vessel. But even the most experienced sailors misjudge distance sometimes, and today you may be closer to a quick change in direction than you think. Inconspicuous cues from a friend or partner might only be the tip of the iceberg, and collision is unavoidable if you realize what's happening too late. Fortunately, the astute Aquarius Moon lends you the impartiality needed to handle any conflict that arises. Erring on the side of kindness inspires others to do the same.

Yesterday started off as a ‘normal’ sort of day. But, the ‘normal’ sort of day quickly mushroomed into a hideously fast get dressed and leave home sort of home once I found where I hid my lipstick. That is the only sort of preparation I do to go out into the public world. I packed a spare set of clothes to change into once we got to our destination called Obsessions nightclub. It was our big intention to go to the private club for an evening of sexual adventures with friends.

Obsessions turned out to be a crowded event with about twenty people set to watch a couple of hours of a drag show. There was busker entertainment mixed with some well choreographed sets with actual drag performances. It was nothing like the sort of drag shows that were shown in the Thunderbird club of Vancouver during the seventies. I miss that decade a whole lot even considering the troubles of divorce and transition that I went through.

The evening went so quickly because of the entertainment that kept everyone so spellbound for most of the evening. We sat in our electric wheelchairs for the entire evening, even when I went outside to have a smoke. No pot please, as I am actually so allergic to the stuff. And now a break from our stuck keys of our keyboard that has to be attended to and cleaned. How could so much stuff get under the keys when I shake the keyboard upside down? Lots, right.

A summary of the evening boiled down to the fact that we actually enjoyed meeting our friends and having a great time! I have trouble remembering all of the names but the faces were familiar. A few of the people were impressed to find us at such an event. We are considered so straight laced and laid back. So it was a shock to find us deep in the wilds of a downtown nightclub with so infamous a crowd. Grr! Go tiger!

It was a funny thing to catch the absolutely last bus home. We were so late that the driver offered to drive us home since it was on the way and miles past the actual last bus stop of the evening run. I sat in my electric wheelchair reading the latest book Area 51 Reply on my cellphone while the city bus raced and veered around corners to a bus stop right across the street from home. We didn’t even get cold during our race to the back doors of the building.

At home we did our usual thing of getting on our computers and having a last coffee before going to bed. We were a couple of drunks who were out of it almost. A few deciminutes of FaceBook and such were all we were able to get before turning out the lights at 1:30 am. One thing about living in the city is that it isn’t ever truly dark unless in a windowless stairwell or the basement.


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