Mar. 28th, 2017

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Brilliant wits and sharp tongues can turn our day inside out, but recovery is swift if we're willing to embrace the future. Mischievous Mercury is destabilized by its conjunction with unpredictable Uranus. We speak before we reach conclusions and we answer people's questions before they finish asking them. The psychic Pisces Moon enables us to be a genius or a fool -- and it may be tricky to tell which until time gives us a fresh perspective.

You might do a double take when a close friend blurts out something you didn't see coming. You're likely to react quickly, which could exacerbate an already precarious interaction. Although you don't have a crystal ball to predict the future, checking your ego at the door and being receptive to another person's opinions is the shortest route to resolution. Respect is a two-way street, but often one person has to make the first move.

It seems like I went to sleep at Christmas time and woke up at almost Easter when the snow started to melt away. How does one compare to the legend of Rumplestiltskin? When you look at the name you can see the cheezey like skin of an old person shrunk down in old age. Wrinkled and wax like parchment can give an impression of something rising up out of cold, fallen leaf covered ground images makes me shiver.

I managed to get three hours of sleep before I woke up. I felt like I was being suffocated. I couldn’t catch my breath from the exertion of sitting up. I did make it into the bathroom and then struggled to get to my desk. I lit a smoke and settled myself down. I was very close to calling for an ambulance because I was so out of breath. I went long enough that I could have called but I stuck it out and made it past the breathing crises.

Here it is, mid morning and I am still up and active. My breathing is low but it is sufficient for what I am doing, sitting at my desk. I should be doing things like updating my bio or something. I should also get busy at working on my balsa wood projects or even repairing the broken ship. My desk could use a shovel to clear it up from the mess it is in. It’s so bad that I had to take pictures of the hovel state my desk was in. Done.

Hovel is a distasteful word. Perhaps in the medieval ages there were hovels built outside the castle walls, on the edges of the fields. Maybe there are still hovels by description in existence. Nowadays our hovels are embodied in highrises that created concrete jungles. Giant buildings can contain large populations that can embody a class of people. Ownership or rent is a mute point when long term dwellings are considered.

I could imagine a highrise building of fifty floors with twenty condos each in an area of a city. Families would live out their lives in each condo. When the highrise became old and all of the families had passed away or moved on, the highrise would be pancaked down into a block of concrete. The block of solid concrete would become the front of another highrise to live out that set of lives. A city would spread out leaving a plain of concrete blocks instead of the dump mountains that now mark the path of humanity.

We don’t yet have the technology to live as organically clean as we might want to dream. There are all kinds of materials that are composed of clay and sand. There are as many materials grown for fibers and food. Humanity can be so creative and productive if given the right motivations.

There is so much we have to learn in the ability to clean up after ourselves. It is something at the fore front in how to clean up an ocean that has become contaminated and laden with floating garbage. The Pacific ocean has become radioactive and dirty because of misuse by humanity. Shame.


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