Mar. 30th, 2017

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A wave of cosmic stabilization boosts our productivity today. An easing of tension might even give us a chance to enjoy the fruits of our labors as the self-directed Aries Moon harmoniously trines karmic Saturn. The Moon's shift into pragmatic Taurus at 11:47 am EDT limits our activity to the bare essentials. Making plans is smarter than initiating action as a rational Mercury-Saturn trine empowers our thinking with logic as tight as a steel trap.

Adopting a no-frills and no-strings-attached approach is the most efficient way to communicate your thoughts today. Although you're prepared to do whatever is required to persuade someone to see things your way, you won't need to jump through any hoops if you stick to the facts. Let go of your worries and give it to them straight; keeping your message short and sweet guarantees it will be heard.

Today started off at about 9:30 am and was quietly relaxing for the morning. We had an appointment at about 2:00 pm at the Rehabilitation Center Lungs clinic. We saw a nurse who spent a good half hour questioning Peter about his particulars. Then we waited for an hour to see the doctor with whom Peter had the appointment. I spent time reading my cellphone book and Peter read his Kindle. Finally the woman doctor came in and began her long session with Peter.

We both were happy to respond to her manner and presentation. It is definite that I would be welcome to go with Peter to the clinic sessions although I would not be able to have sessions on my own because of my disability of not walking. By going with Peter I would be able to learn everything important anyways. My smoking is a factor that has to quit in any case.

I started watching a movie called Passengers. It is a sci-fi action movie about three people who wake up early on a long voyage of an automatic starship on the way to a planet for colonization. The voyage of the starship is long and a disaster occurs along the way. By accident, a passenger is awakened from cryogenic sleep who after a year in space alone, decides to wake up a woman to accompany him. Eventually the starship is repaired and continues on it’s way.

I loved the graphics and eyecandy of the movie. More than that was the fact that the movie stirred me to think about my own circumstances. Here it is that I am at the end of my own life and only now I begin to see truths that were hidden from me because of life events. How do we live and die on a planet that is a ship of sorts travelling through space with the choices we make along the way.

We live out our lives in the quest for survival while trying to make a better life for ourselves. Options are that we can end our lives as it is or make a better life for ourselves by struggles of one sort or another. Do we win or not? That is the question and the beginning of a story. And, that is what made me start to think. I want to live and make a better life for myself, possibly longer.

At this point in time, my body is sick and breaking down. I am in the process of dying at the end of my life and I do have something worth living for finally. It is a mute point of how long I have to live when my end is so near. I do have a few options of how to spend my time and what I should be doing. Do I really want to fix anything or just continue on in a sinking ship. Sink or swim?

Humanity has all kinds of choices ahead in the future. What will make a better future for the planet when so much is going wrong and ending. We are on a dying planet or sinking ship unless we do fix what has gone wrong. What part have I played in the making of the future a better place by my own efforts. Was I able to solve enough paradoxes to change the course of humanity for a far better future with the help of my friend and with my own efforts. Only time will tell something that I presume not to be able to anticipate or predict.

There’s all kinds of things that can go wrong with our world. We might have to face off against space aliens, dimensional aliens, illegal aliens, and now fleeing Americans. It isn’t a joke to have to face up to justice when you have no money and no rights. But then, just who is right when there are so many wrongs in the world. Anyways, the aliens are on our side, aren’t they? Ah, which ones?

I am trying to be funny at a serious time. I want a few good laughs to forget the sour notes in my song. I was awakened this morning with the call of Nature crying out for survival in my failing body. I keep thinking that it is one day more, another day done. How do we choose to go on fixing things when we don’t have the proper tools or technologies, or do we?


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