Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Asking for what we want doesn't mean that we get it. In fact, satisfaction may be elusive as the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, form an anxious aspect, bringing long-standing differences out into the open. Meanwhile, we're eager to spin our wheels if it means avoiding a potentially unpleasant conversation while the Moon camps out in whimsical Gemini. Although today's arguments create no long-term harm, they can distract us from our real work.

Everyone seems to have things to do and places to go. Meanwhile, you're content to aimlessly dream about your future without necessarily expending much energy today. Although you may be looking forward to some downtime, it's all too easy to get caught up in someone's excitement only to find yourself busier than you intended. Offering to help is one thing, but sacrificing your entire day is something else. More caution in the beginning decreases the need to use your emergency brakes later on.

I woke up at the right time to take my morning dose of pills. It is a matter of keeping my level of medications and prescriptions in the optimized level. I am in a good mental state and able to think clearly about my circumstances. I have a number of priorities that are demanding my attention. At the same time my horoscope advisor says to proceed with caution. Right.

A snow storm came yesterday and it snowed until some time this morning. The roads are wet and slippery. There’s a likelihood of more snow to come. It is a bad time to be travelling and where we would want to stay is ripe with a very contagious bronchitis. We don’t want to risk getting sick. Essentially our plan of a weekend in Elmira and Mississauga has been postponed. Gr! What a temptation to risk getting sick, possibly have an accident, or worse.

Today was cloudy and about the freezing temperature. A lot happened today as Alison and Les moved into their new home of a heritage building. It is on a street just past the school. They rented a van and we took them to it and then to their old place to pick up the help for the move. A hide-a-bed couch wouldn’t fit into the front door but otherwise the move went well. We are less a kitten, the destructive little thing, named Dory. We are alone now so we can be naked if we want again. Sometimes I just feel too hot for clothes, except in cold weather of course.

Home alone and my morning bath went off beautifully at 4:00 pm. I timed it just right because as soon as I put on my uniform of a kimono, the kids walked in to start their move. We then drove them up to the U-Haul company and then went for the help. There is a story about the help but I can’t relay it in any way. As it proceeds.

We stopped off at Wendy’s for burgers and a sloppy, freezy. Or whatever. It was enough to count as a meal and as a supper. I even had a smoke in the van with the window rolled down. It was the treat to ourselves for our part in the move. Yea! They are gone and the move is done! Now, we can settle down to be ourselves again. Where’s that little hobbit of a slave?


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