Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Asking for pragmatic advice isn't always the most reliable path to success. In fact, sometimes our own plans are the most sensible ones, especially now that rational Mercury and assertive Mars are both in determined Taurus. Initiating action early in the day is wise because the Moon slips into moody Cancer at 2:26 pm EDT, turning our attention inward. Meanwhile, Venus backs into vulnerable Pisces, increasing everyone's emotional sensitivity.

Thinking about your place in the outer world is more of a mental exercise today than a practical one. Although you don't need to take direct action yet, having additional time before committing to a final decision makes it easier to consider all your options carefully now. In fact, you're not even required to share your process while you fantasize about your future. Luxuriate in the freedom of stretching your imagination. Creating the world you want starts in your mind.

Today was definitely a day of rest considering the burnout from the move of yesterday. How does one rest? Wake up at noon after 4 hours of sleep and get the act together to go out. Yes, we went out and cruised up to the market. It had closed an hour before so we just rolled around. Finally we decided to go through the super Winners store. That took an hour and a half to roll around and spend fifty dollars. Did we really need to spend money at all?

It was a quick roll from Winners to Wally World in Billings Bridge Mall. We saw that there were no cats in the Pet Store. So, we went on and bought buns and croissants. It was enough to round out the supper that Peter had planned. I was happy just to trail along, minding my own business and off in my own little world. How often I float along in my own bubble is far too frequently. Just is.

Now I have a full tummy and I am sitting and thinking. I should be doing something but for the moment, my mind is wandering. I am thinking about the impact of the space war on Institutional Religions and our definitions of God and all of the angels. We have so much to unlearn and relearn. There are aspects of our civilization that will have to change completely. And, there is so much more.

There are children that are abducted, I know because I am only one of my group of thirteen who became crew for a giant ship. We learned and I can remember what I learned to some extent. I am not supposed to remember but I have help remembering. Don’t believe what I say or what you hear. Decide for yourself and see the evidence at hand. Besides, who cares really?

It’s time for bed and I have yet to talk to Mom. So, with tired peepers and my dragging feet I will stagger into the bedroom and flop out. Ok, so three and a half hours later I woke up and started to get ready to talk to Mom. Well, it took a few minutes to realize that I was an hour late. Mom had already gone to bed and I was wide awake with nothing to do. Nothing?

I have spent three hours cruising through the many articles on FaceBook. It isn’t what I wanted to do but it happened anyways. I should have been busy at far more productive work instead of the dumbing down that did occur, How a busy person such as myself can get trapped into a habit of reading FaceBook is a story in itself. The little news I read about family and friends makes me cringe at the waste of effort and time.


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