Apr. 7th, 2017

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Emotional intensity builds all day, but the release can be a transformational experience. However, the heart-centered Leo Moon encounters annoying aspects, luring us into creating unnecessary drama. We gain strength and confidence as our subjective views are validated by objective reality. Thankfully, we receive additional cosmic support while superhero Mars energizes powerful Pluto. Obstacles fall away once we commit to achieving our goals.

You prefer to work with others now as part of a team on a larger project. Nevertheless, you're unable to let down your guard while the melodramatic Leo Moon in your 11th House of Networks bumps into uncomfortable aspects with four planets. Thankfully, a resourceful Mars-Pluto trine motivates you to prevail today even when facing strong opposition. Educator Sir Ken Robinson says, "Collaboration is the stuff of growth."

Today started off early with excitement because it is new electric wheelchair and new horn day! WOW!

At 3:30 pm we left to go to Herongate Mall. It is Wednesday so buses are free for seniors all day. Off we go.

How can I use my skills to write about my experiences as a mid-teenager some fifty years ago. And, how do I keep fictions from creeping into my writings? I can embellish incidents to fit the words but how do I make the words fit the incidents? That is what I face after all of my years of living in so many places around the continent. I have to spend more time writing than what I do because I am so far behind what I need to be writing.


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