Apr. 24th, 2017

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The dynamic cosmic winds are still in flux as retrograde Mercury passes between the Earth and the Sun at 1:53 am EDT, aligning our words with our wills. Stating intentions aloud helps to confirm our direction in life. But our thoughts are on the move again when Mercury backs into spontaneous Aries at 1:37 pm. Meanwhile, the independent Aquarius Moon reminds us that we can express our individuality while still being part of a larger community.

Your newly reawakened interest in an old partner may be cause for contemplation today. Or, perhaps, a relationship issue that was recently put to rest is now back on your plate while mischievous Mercury retraces his steps into your 7th House of Others. Start a conversation while you have the chance; your thoughts need to be expressed or they will continue to wreak havoc from the twilight zone of your subconscious mind. Playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

I have had three hours of sleep this evening so far. I don’t want to fall asleep at my desk so I will watch some good movies. And, I will try to do some writing as I watch the movies. I have to get motivated to do what I have on my plate. Speaking of which, this afternoon we had some poutine at the mall. At about 5:30 pm, I was treated to cleaning out my tummy. Apparently there was some aspect of the poutine or the cupful of flat Mountain Dew that didn’t mix with all of the stuff already sitting in my tummy. Maybe it helped me to sleep a little bit more.

I have watched two movies this evening. The first one was about a sci-fi plot of copying electromagnetic imprints of brains from one body onto another. The big actors made the realistic subplots come alive with multiple killings to cover up the one man used as a blank for the second older and dying man who bought the second life for himself. I rate the movie as a very good effort to tell a plausible scenario taking place in the future.

The second movie was also a very good plot about crime catching up with three criminals who had tried to clean up their lives. The movie plot and drama was fast moving and logically engaging. I was enamoured of the leading actors and the parts they played so enthusiastically. I would have rated the movie as a five star special akin to the first movie produced by Clint Eastwood. So much for the movie titled Rage.
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Nothing is quite as simple as it seems today, yet we can't figure out the source of the complications. What we see is not what we get while the dreamy Pisces Moon dances with Neptune. Additionally, our thinking is fuzzy as mental Mercury forms an anxious aspect with nebulous Neptune, blurring the margins of reality. Meanwhile, an otherworldly Sun-Pluto connection indicates alien interference as intentions from other dimensions leak into this one.

I woke up at about noon and had a hot bath. I enjoyed the hot bath while Peter slept through until about 4:00 pm. I took my pills and at about 5:00 pm, I went back to bed in a natural state but cold. I fell asleep as soon as I warmed up. When I woke up at about 6:00 pm, I was in the middle of a dream.

My dream was blurry at first. When details started to emerge from my mind, I realized that I wanted and was in a haunted house that had a green grass floor that was so comfortable to me. I looked up and saw a bright sky with little puffy clouds floating past. The walls were in the form of castle walls, high with little brick stonework and narrow slit parapets and towers. On the south side of the castle walls, there was an opening that formed a ledge above a dark deep water pool. I looked at the water that reflected much more than the sky above and wisps of steam rose from the hot water. I stood on the grassy ledge for long moments, enjoying the comfort and scene below me. I sat down and thought about the things that were on my mind in those moments.

I began to wake up and my dream dissolved into reality. I looked up at the squadron of WWII fighters flying above me hanging by string from white hooks. I admired the details I had taken such care with on the aircraft that were all of the same scale. I got up off the bed and dressed in my long cotton nightie and terry cloth kimono before slipping on my grey slippers. I wandered out to my desk and thought to phone Peter about a few things to buy while he was out.

Peter knows much about my likes and dislikes. He had anticipated my needs and then some. He had a list of things he thought to buy on his excursion to the mall across the street. Bank street was busy as usual during the rush hour of a Saturday. I went out onto the balcony to smoke and heard the cacophony of traffic and the rush of Sawmill creek water below. I smoked about half of my cigarette before deciding to put it out. When I came inside, chilled and out of breath, I found Peter just standing up from his parked electric wheelchair.

Peter turned and took a stride to stand very close in front of me. We kissed. Then began the list of purchases Peter had made over in the mall. I was very pleased with the recital of purchases as I made my way to my desk. Peter began putting things away as he lifted them out of the knapsack on the back of his electric wheelchair. He finished his task by setting an opened can of salted cashews. I took a few and slowly chewed them as I began to type.
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We may feel pangs of loneliness today as the fantasy-prone Pisces Moon reactivates the recent Venus-Saturn square. We are reminded of our vulnerability and want to protect ourselves from emotional pain. However, we might fall into a negative space, believing that our dissatisfaction is fated. Thankfully, the Moon shifts into impetuous Aries at 8:32 pm EDT, announcing that love is eternally renewable and not dependent upon past failures.

You long for a day off when you can drift in and out of the real world without your regular pile of cares. Much to your chagrin, you might feel the heat if someone accuses you of not holding up your end of an agreement. You know you must do the mature thing by jumping in and tackling your chores, even if you're fighting an internal battle against your commitments. However, it's your struggle that makes your work so difficult, not the tasks themselves. Change your attitude, change your reality.

We finally got to sleep at about 6:30 am. I woke up and went to the bathroom at about 8:30 am. Then, I went out to the balcony and smoked, looking up at the warm blue sky with two high flying military jets marking their way. The white streaks looked thick at first. Then merely minutes later the streaks were fading and soon after were gone. The clear blue sky started to mist over as the sound barrier shook the atmosphere. I came inside to sit at my desk.

I forgot to take my pills at midnight. It is a combination of two capsules and four pills that are supposed to last me until 8:00 am. Instead, I took my dose of pills at about 6:00 am. About half an hour later I fell asleep. The two hours of sleep I did get made me feel rested and wide awake. At least I was awake enough to slip in the DVD movie called Full Metal Jacket. Semper Fi. Better you than me.

Friends asked me to go with them to join up. I didn’t want to go there with them. Years later I found out that only a cripple made it back home out of a group of eight dear friends.

Suppertime started when we began to get ready to go out to a special event at a restaurant bar. We arrived at the restaurant by about 6:30 pm. It was about two hours of dear friends gathered together for a supper together at a restaurant, a public place where we all were enjoying ourselves completely and freely. It was an event that should be able to take place anywhere in our country of the free and capable civilization that ought to be taking place around the world.


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