Apr. 27th, 2017

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Our ironclad logic works in our favor today if we take the time to think before we act. We might feel handicapped by the impulsive Aries Moon that encourages us to capitalize on fast reactions in the hope of catching others off guard. But spontaneity isn't as effective as a carefully considered response now that rational Mercury harmoniously trines pragmatic Saturn. Exercising caution prevents foolish thoughts from leading us on a wild goose chase.

You can improve your chances of relationship satisfaction if you take the time to create a plan with your partner today. Although success isn't guaranteed, your words clearly convey your intentions while your 7th House of Others is supported by karmic Saturn. Instead of pie-in-the-sky dreaming, stick to the most pragmatic issues. But talking is only half the game; you must listen and assimilate what you hear to truly benefit from this mutual exchange. Communication is a two-way street.

Yesterday, as it is now today that I am writing about yesterday, started off with a bath at about noon. It took two hours for me to dry off by laying down in the blowing heat of our Dyson heater and cooler fan. I dozed off and woke up at about 2:00 pm. I dressed lightly for going outside and had only one layer of thermal leggings under my cord slacks. I did have three layers covering my upper body. I mounted my electrical wheelchair and embarked upon a trip to Hogsback falls.

It took us less than an hour to follow the cycle path maze to Hogsback falls. The falls were in full flood and literally covering the entire gorge in whitewater. I took only 165 digital images with Peter’s camera. All of the activated features of Peter’s camera slowed the taking of each picture image down to a long full minute. It was almost painful to wait for each picture load, preview, and save before another picture could be taken.

The entire trip to Hogsback falls and back took only two and a half hours. We were back home in plenty of time to dress and prepare for the evening event of having supper with a group of friends at Monkey Joe’s restaurant and bar. We had a super great time with dining and conversing with our friends.

A dozen friends were seated at a long table along the west windows. We had such a great time choosing from a thick folder like menu and a wide choice of drinks. Everyone happily dined and shared in the jocular bantering that can only be shared by a select and special segment of society. Two hours went by so quickly that when it was time to go, we all departed knowing that we would soon be meeting again.
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We're like captive animals being returned to the wild; we cherish our newfound freedom and want to exercise our ability to make choices without interference. The independent Aries Moon gives us the courage to buck the tide and set out on our own. But stressful lunar aspects inform us that we cannot pretend we live in an isolated bubble. The tensions fade throughout the evening and Luna's shift into placid Taurus at 9:56 pm EDT resolves conflict.

Is there a specific issue you're facing? Get clarity with a live psychic reading today.

I am sorry that I don’t want to talk to any live psychic now. I just want the short version of a personal reading that so often was only a continuation of the general reading for today’s date. Why isn’t the horoscope readings not updating as they should be doing? I can only think that the time difference between our time zone and that of the home website is what makes the updating such a problem.

Today was another day of resting after a busy day that came about yesterday. I was not surprised by all of the things that were done yesterday, only that I was able to deal with everything as successfully as I did. Isn’t that wonderful? Yes!

I confess that I sat at the end of the long table. There were only half of my friends to talk to me and question than there could have been. It is amazing that so many of us shared in our special interests that separated us from the mass of people in our country of freedoms and rights.
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There is a brief break in the cosmic madness that has bounced us around during recent weeks. The earthy Taurus New Moon at 8:16 am EDT is an obvious signal of calmer waters ahead. However, we must take advantage of the clear sailing while it lasts. Forget about mental gymnastics, complex rationalizations and inspirational dreams. Simplicity rules; acknowledge the fecund energy of the fertile ground by planting seeds of practical intentions.

Although Libra the Scales is all about creating balance in relationships, you crave more than harmonious interactions with others. The Taurus New Moon emphasizes your 8th House of Transformation, requiring you to sink beneath the social veneer. Unless you're willing to go deep, you'll likely be left feeling emotionally unsatisfied. You want to experience all the pleasures that life has to offer. Unfortunately, you could appear desperate if you act too obsessively. Intimacy is built on a strong foundation when it develops naturally on its own.

Today was a cloudy and dull day for the most part. The coolness was not at all comfortable for me. I stayed inside and did a major cleanup on the couch and surrounding area. For me that was the accomplishment of the day. Later, we took a hike by bus to SouthKeys mall. I made certain we spent time in the big Michael’s store to look for interesting things I could use. Luckily we couldn’t find anything except the aromas to entice compulsive shopping.

Escaping Michael’s was nothing compared to Winner’s the next store in the line. We bought bath salts and chocolate coated liqueurs. The little liqueurs were a nice midnight snack with hot coffee. Our shopping foray quitted the Winner’s store and went on to WallyWorld. Yea for WallyWorld! Almost everything is made in China, as if we agree with Chinese politics, eh? We did find some rare little lightbulbs for the nightlight in the bathroom.

Our trip home started off by rolling along the cycle path from SouthKeys to the Walkley bus stop. It was too cold for me to take between the cool air and the windchill that made the temperature drop even more. The bus station at Walkley road was on the transit line so we had to go up in an elevator to cross over to the other side. We didn’t wait long for a double decker bus to Billings Bridge mall. From there it was a beeline straight home to bed just to warm up.

I woke up at about 10:30 pm and went straight to the bathroom. From there I went to my desk and pulled a cigarette from the pack on my desk. I was only able to smoke a quarter of the cigarette because it was too cool outside. So, I came inside, shivering until I warmed up sitting at my desk.

I finished watching the Gods of Egypt and decided to watch Ender’s Game. I have stuck to sci-fi mostly. It is funny to think that we learn so much from just movies and TV. We have a very complex and highly organizational society that makes and breaks people according to various types of personality and physique. Even basic gender has it’s own subtypes that are strictly observed. I know that there are so many races of humanity as much as there are colours of hair. Yet we have overall characteristics that we share as humanitarian values. We live in a very big and complex world. Thanks, to FaceBook, eh?

I didn’t realize just how much I identify with Ender in the movie of Ender’s End. It is a sci-fi movie that traces the training and battles of Ender, a kid of extremely exceptional abilities that happens to win a war that was thought unwinnable. It is imperative for humanity’s survival that Ender win the war even though he thinks he is only playing a game. Not so.

I know I have a long and extremely difficult work history that very few could even think to follow. I was an independent business operator and owner in the transportation industry. My experience in manufacturing helped me to think and prepare for the work ethics that was expected of me. I drove far and fast in long distance trucking based in Toronto, Ontario. The range of my travels was literally all over the continent except in two states and five provinces.

What Startrek race are you? The Bajorans
The Bajorans are a people native to the planet Bajor, around which orbits the space station Deep Space Nine. Bajoran culture is incredibly rich and ancient in its roots, but the Bajorans were occupied by the Cardassian regime for some time in the 24th century, and parts of their culture were eroded away and oppressed. Bajorans are quite similar to humans in their outward shape, being distinguished by several ridges upon the bridge of the nose. Internally, however, there are far more differences - for example, pregnant Bajorans gestate for a period of only 5 months, and their hearts are in a different position to those of humans'. Bajoran culture is primarily explored in Deep Space Nine, from the beginning in Emissary (DS9, 1x01/02), to other episodes such as The Home Coming (DS9, 2x01), Explorers (3x22) and Rapture (5x10).

What are your ten top qualities:
1.You have many friends
4.Knows a bit about everything
5.Sarcasm in every second sentence
6.Born to be successful
7.Loves to laugh for hours
8.Organizational talent
9.Very passionate
10.Loves travelling

Cathy, we have evaluated your personality and found that these are your top 10 traits! You can be proud of each quality. One thing is for sure: There is no one else in the world who is like you! You are a blessing!

Cathy, this is the quote of your life:

They ask me: "Why are you always there for the others, even though you are not feeling well yourself?" My answer is: "Because I know how it feels when everybody looks the other way"

It reflects your attitude towards life perfectly and shows that you are incredibly Perfectionist and Active. You've experienced so much in life already and every challenge you've faced has made you so much stronger.

Share your life quote and let it inspire your friends and your family!


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