May. 3rd, 2017

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It might seem as if we have left normalcy behind as we attempt to integrate recent changes. Thankfully, the clever Gemini Moon enables us to connect an apparent disarray of dots as we try to make sense of how things fit together. Although the cosmos offers a bit of respite today, we still run into problems when the Moon opposes naysaying Saturn. Thankfully, the noise settles down once the Moon shifts into contemplative Cancer at 9:47 pm EDT.

You may be playing out a classic Libra archetype today as you struggle to pick a path into the future. You're standing at a fork in the road and rather than choosing one route with confidence, your life hangs in the balance while you wonder if you should go back to school, do some long-overdue traveling or just continue your routine exactly as it is. Oddly enough, what you decide now may be less important than simply making a decision. As you move forward, the details will sort themselves out and you can modify your plans as you go.

Today I managed to get only four hours of sleep. Pain is a bitch to contend with when you don’t have enough pain medication. And it is the day of the Perth Festival of the Maples. Perth is a nice little town just west of Ottawa on hwy 7. We put in $50.00 worth of gas at $1.096 and $30.00 at $1.06 just east of Perth at a roadside garage. By about 2:00 pm, we had covered the full length and breadth of the entire Perth Festival of the Maples.

It so happened that there was an antique market just two blocks south of the south end of the main street. We were able to get our electric wheelchairs into the market building. There were aisles of high shelves and display counters filled with just about everything you could imagine as collectables. It was a fantastic collection of odds and ends of ceramics, glasswares, toys, tools, textiles, and treasures.

We must have spent an hour cruising through the aisles of treasures. There were so many things that we could have had for the simple choosing. One thing we happened to take high interest in was a tiny Singer sewing machine. The price tag was simply ‘Vintage Singer $95.00.’

We went on through the market looking agog at the displays of treasures. It was some time before returning to the Singer sewing machine. The vendor looked at us and said that he would sell the sewing machine for only $85.00. I was barely able to say that I would accept the price. Luckily we were able to pay for the little sewing machine by debit card.

The drive home was quiet and safe for there was little traffic on the highway. We stopped at a remote gas station to fill up with the cheapest gas we could find either on our way or by a phone app. So, we arrived at home with a full tank of gas and lots of dust clinging to our dear van. The van has sat for five days already and likely be used tomorrow. I am surprised that the van is in as good a condition as it is with no rust or rattles.
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We might not see much movement in the real world today, but the inner realms are teeming with pain and gain. Emotional stress translates into personal growth as karmic Saturn dynamically squares wounded Chiron. We're not necessarily happy as we become more aware of our limitations. But the nurturing Cancer Moon connects with spiritual Neptune and auspicious Jupiter to remind us resilience is a gift that leads us to the gold at rainbow's end.

Your ambivalence about a significant relationship reaches a critical turning point today. You're eager to put your life back on track and will do nearly anything to earn the approval of those you love. However, you're tired of being the one who carries the weight and does the work no one else offers to do. Whatever you decide, you might end up wishing you took the other course of action. Fortunately, the solution is simple: keep busy in your pursuit of success without expecting too much from others. Take responsibility for your own happiness without depending on anyone else.

I went to sleep at about 10:00 pm. I was so exhausted that I slept right through until about 6:00 am. I got up and drank a tall glass of water along with my missed midnight pills. That didn’t get me going as much as smoking four cigarettes and watching the movie Startrek Beyond. Peter woke up at about 7:00 am and came out to his computer desk. I was already at mine and we talked for a bit as I finished watching my latest movie.

I was surprised at how well and for how long I had slept through the night. I don’t know if it was my late night bath or just being tired from the busy day we had enjoyed. The main thing was that now I was not tired but I was still as unmotivated as I usually was for the past few months. There is so much I can do and should be doing. But, being so unmotivated only means that nothing gets done.


May. 3rd, 2017 10:51 pm
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Sinking into our emotions isn't easy today, but circumstances pull us out of our heads and into our hearts. The contemplative Cancer Moon turns our attention inward while her rough connections to five planets pit our feelings against the intentions of others. Magnetic Venus forms a creative connection with passionate Pluto, requiring us to dig beneath the apparent differences and seek meaningful connections by first establishing common ground.

Instead of gathering facts to make a critical decision at work today, you're ready to close your eyes and go with your intuition. Luckily, your psychic powers are on point now, yet your gut instincts might still create tricky cross currents in the real world. The receptive Cancer Moon is up against the wall in your 10th House of Public Recognition, requiring you to fight for your beliefs. Don't back down if your position conflicts with anyone else's. Stand up for your convictions, even if you must stand alone.

Yesterday and this morning were overcast with long bouts of heavy rain at times that marked the last day of April. The last weekend of April was marked by something else. A swing stage about four feet wide and thirty feet long was suspended against the northeastern end of our building. The suspension cables and ropes were slack enough that they swung up against the side of the building to make a terrific slap noise. From Friday afternoon until Monday morning that loud noise carried on relentlessly. I am sure that there will be complaints voiced loudly in the office this morning.

I managed to get four hours of sleep from about 6:00 am until about 10:00 am. At about that time Jessica walked in the door to be at home again. A weekend was spent at grandmother’s to do yard work and general cleanups inside and out. It was a super improvement to grandma’s house that was appreciated greatly. Jessica came home to rest and sleep. The morning went by while watching Netflix shows.

I spent half an hour filling the bath tub with straight hot water. I sat on the toilet and combed both cats, first Twister and then Dory. I didn’t take much fur off either cat before I tossed them a dozen Temptation treats. Twister ate most of the treats because Dory doesn’t eat them with much relish. Every day does mean a little treat of a dozen or so for the two cats that they know they will get when I have my bath.

I spend most of my time sitting at my desk. I cruise through FaceBook and YouTube for interesting articles, Some of the stuff is far out in imagination or something. Still, the truth is often stranger than fiction. Humans are so limited when it comes to what they can imagine. And the arguement still goes on about one or two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence. What crap.
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We may appear to act with certainty today, but we don't have as much clarity as we think. The extroverted Leo Moon inspires us to broadcast our intentions with bravado. But a three-week review phase is over and we're in for one more plot twist as trickster Mercury ends its retrograde phase. Meanwhile, an imaginative Sun-Neptune alignment amplifies our fantasies, encouraging us to follow our dreams, even if we can't distinguish them from reality.

You might not be able to believe what comes out of people's mouths today. Honestly, it's as if they're not thinking before speaking. Although unpremeditated revelations can create an awkward situation now, it's not as discomforting as being stuck with no one saying anything at all. Thankfully, common sense prevails; it's obviously simpler to modify a thought that has been said than one that hasn't.

Today started off early as Peter had an appointment with the General Hospital Rehabilitation Thrombosis clinic. Peter was on time as usual and after a brief wait was taken inside. There were half a dozen other people waiting for their turn. I waited outside with the waiting patients while Peter was given a stress test on a bicycle and also a walking test. It took about an hour for Peter to be able to complete all of the tests that they had for him.

We took the city bus to and from the General Hospital to get back home by about 12:30. We seem to have a lot of synchronicity incidents going on with our timetables. Anyhow, Peter also had an appointment with Dr. Spees at 3:45 pm. Again, we made it on time and there was no trouble with the traffic. I sat drawing on my clipboard and smoked two cigarettes. Peter came out after his session with Dr. Spees.

As always, Peter summarized what he talked about with Dr. Spees. It was then that he mentioned he had seen something on the report at the Rehabilitation unit. It was noted that Peter was expected to be able to live for about a year because of his lung condition. I can barely remember what else Peter said he talked about. A year?

Peter asked me to drive to Food Basic, which I did. I am a ghoul of a pro driver at the best of times and worse at other times. It is just that I am a pro and don’t think other drivers should get away with their foolishness and stupid acts. Normally I am a quiet and subdued driver. But, when I honk my horn, Peter freaks and gets all shaken up. He can’t defend me if I get into an arguement with any other drivers or people. He gets afraid to the point of shaking anxiously. I can’t stand to see him like that so I do pull in my horns.

Peter went shopping at Food Basics and was back quite quickly. We then went straight home. At home, Peter began cooking a supper, mostly for me. We had two sausages on buns while I had a sausage and a bowl of beans. As soon as we had finished eating, Jessica and her friend Gabby came through the door. Jessica set about cooking up something of a supper for the two of them. I went out onto the balcony for a smoke and was soon joined by the two of them.

It was amazing what we talked about. I told a story of sorts and they were able to say what they were up to. We always get along so well. I managed to show Gabby my collection of sketches and something about the balsa wood planes that I build. Later, the TV and Netflix became the entertainment. I began to type out this bit of text. Now back to YouTube and the alien presence on our poor resourceful planet.

This is the kind of girl you are. You are the epitome of elegance and charm. At the same time, you are savage, brutal and a total bad-ass to those who mess with you. You are the kind of girl everybody wants to have and at the same time terrified to mess with.
You have a facade that is enigmatic that lures everyone to you like a magnet does. But, you are hard catch! Share your result, tag your friends and let them find out what kind of girl they are.


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