May. 11th, 2017

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Unexpected events send us down the rabbit hole today and, like Alice, we can't keep up with all the changes in Wonderland. Resistance is futile since the emotionally intense Scorpio Full Moon at 5:42 pm EDT is a catalyst for change. An early morning Mercury-Uranus hookup all but guarantees the day won't turn out as planned. Nevertheless, there is magic in the air - invisible to those who fear the unknown, but obvious to those willing to engage it.

Money matters are like a pebble in your shoe today as you struggle with making a financial decision. The Scorpio Full Moon brightens your 2nd House of Resources, cautioning you to use logic when contemplating overspending on a non-essential item. Ask for sound advice from an expert if you're thinking about a major expenditure. Adding another person to your deliberation process helps to clarify whether or not you can satisfy your material desires now. Motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein said, "True abundance isn't based on our net worth, it's based on our self-worth."

Today went running along with only five hours of sleep. It was enough in two sleeps of first two hours and then three hours before taking a bath. After drying off and getting dressed, we went in the van to get our tires changed, It was supposed to take only an hour so we went for a sort of walk on our electric wheelchairs. We toured through the Salvation Army store and then went to Bobby’s Table.

Peter was hungry when we sat at a table beside the front window to watch our parked electric wheelchairs. Peter ordered a smoked meat sandwich while I ordered two eggs on white toast. We enjoyed our coffee and such, happily filled and contentedly watching over our electric wheelchairs. We headed back to the garage to get our van, dear van.

We started back in the direction of home. I said that we should take the van for a run on the highway to round out our new tires. Peter decided that we should go west on the highway despite the fact that it was rush hour and there was bumper to bumper traffic to the west side of the city. Almonte turned out to be our final destination.

We spent three hours on our electric wheelchairs touring around the river banks of the Mississippi river and a small section of downtown Almonte. The weather was warm with sunshine being bright with only puffy clouds. I took about 260 pictures with the digital camera while Peter added another dozen or so on our way back home. It was a super way to end our day and at the same time to celebrate the spring weather we were able to enjoy.

It was later that evening when Jessica and I were outside on the balcony enjoying a smoke that an interesting topic was raised. Did the creek below us have a sort of paddlewheel sound to it? Yes, very definitely there was a loudly audible pattern in the flowing rush of teh creek. For over a hundred years there had been paddlewheels on the creek that powered sawmills, grist mills, and other engines of industry. The bed of the creek had been literally carved by the turning of paddlewheels to continue the sounds long after the entire length of the creek was freed of all industry. Only a large mall sat at the spring feeding the beginning of Sawmill Creek and the ponds that once floated booms of logs and lumber that floated downstream to Quebec city.

The evening proceeded as it did with me falling asleep at my desk and Peter crawling off to bed. Even the cats were less energetic and napped in different places. It isn’t the sort of thing to brag about, but my dozing off kept me in an upright position in my chair. I think it is better for me to sit rather than lay down because the phlegm in my lungs gathers as a thick goo that is so hard to move once it gets into my bronchial tubes.

I do keep track of a few things like the solar images from SOHO and stuff concerning archaeology and ancient history. It is my opinion that we have a long history that involved aliens and civilizations long since ground to dust. Our human genetics stopped evolving three million years ago and then went bump about two hundred thousand years ago. It most certainly did not start about six thousand years ago as Adam and Eve. There are proofs and megalith complexes that are dated hundreds of thousands of years ago. Have you made a fossil lately?

This note captures who you are perfectly, Cathy. You must recognize yourself in these words, they show what a unique and wonderful person you are. You are truly an amazing person and you understand the beauty in living each day as though it were your last.


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