May. 21st, 2017

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Life is more complicated today as cerebral Mercury forms an otherworldly connection with transformational Pluto. Simplistic thoughts evolve from lowly caterpillars to lofty concepts that soar on butterfly wings. Meanwhile, the intellectual Aquarius Moon travels through smooth territory, allowing our unconventional thoughts to redefine reality. However, we may become too rigid in our thinking until the Moon slips into magical Pisces at 11:51 pm EDT.

You don't want to do everything the same old way today, but you still have a great deal of respect for the tried and true. Asking others for advice could be a mistake if you're looking for reasons to maintain the status quo, since people are more likely to push you outside of your comfort zone now. Nevertheless, your most successful strategy is based on breaking free from a previous limitation without dismantling the entire structure. Ravi Shankar said, "Perfect balance is like a razor's edge; it can be found only in the Self."

The morning started off at 9:00 am after getting a full eight hours of sleep. I didn’t think I could sleep so long but I did. It was intended to be a day of rest and it proved to be exactly that, I kept nodding off at my desk. It didn’t matter what I did but I kept nodding off.

Cathy, among all your fantastic qualities, this is the one trait that stands out the most. You use this skill to make the world a better place everyday. Your friends rely on this trait of yours and you never let them down in their time of need.
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There's a delicate balance between the old and the new that's indicated by stable Saturn's trine to disruptive Uranus. But people's hidden motives create subtle power struggles as macho Mars misaligns with suspicious Pluto. Meanwhile, jovial Jupiter's presence encourages overindulgence and could turn us into Pollyannas. Complicated circumstances make it difficult to untangle a single theme today, while the dreamy Pisces Moon adds to the confusion.

Saying no may be the hardest thing you can do today, yet it's necessary to establish firm boundaries. The problem is that several planets are activating buoyant Jupiter in your 1st House of Self, encouraging you to see the bright side of every situation, even if there are demons lurking in the shadows. It's so natural to say yes now that you might find yourself in over your head before you know it. However, you can avoid the traps if you take time to observe the clues and signs all around you. Eckhart Tolle wrote, "Awareness is the greatest agent for change."

Today was a messed up morning. I woke up at about 6:00 am and went to my desk after a quick stop along the way. I had a cup of cold coffee from two days ago to sip while I played on StupidThree. I didn’t do too well because it wasn’t long before I fell asleep at my desk. At least I didn’t plant my forehead on my keyboard as I have been known to do frequently. I woke again at about 9:30 am and we started getting ready to go out. Fresh coffee was made as we dressed and got everything together that we were going to take along with us.

Now, we are off to see the neglected trailer that has been summerized for the summer. We are known to have a mouse infestation that doesn’t go over too well. Oh well, so much for the big summer sendoff, eh? We have had mice in our trailer for two years now, I don’t think we will take them back to Heather from whom and from where we originally picked them up. Now, ain’t that something, eh?

We spent some time at the trailer. There was a mess to clean up and repairs to the bedding where the mice had eaten through to the batting. I took some extra heavy tape from the van to cover over the holes that were made by the mice. I cleaned up a lot of areas where there was mouse droppings and of course the batting that was chewed up and left in little piles contaminated with mouse droppings. I felt much better knowing that the trailer was back in a nice and liveable condition,

The drive home was sunny bright and warm, so we took a detour to get a car wash at the Petro station on Conroy road. The car wash was a good one and we soon were back on our way home. We parked in the underground as usual when we decided to go for a walk along Rideau River towards Hogsback Falls. It was nice and warm when we started off on the walk.

I took a whole lot of pictures along the way. The river islands had changed considerably because of the rush of flood water. It was nice to see the changes and take pictures of it all. There weren’t as many Canada Geese as we have had in previous years. Maybe it is just too early in the season for geese. As we went along the air cooled. It finally cooled enough that we decided to turn around to head for home.

The way home went past the local mall. We crossed over the road to get into the Wallyworld. It was our usual pattern to go through the aisles to find what we always bought. Peter got some groceries and I picked out a $5.00 movie. We left the Wallyworld and went to the pet store. I went inside to see if I could see and possibly take pictures of the Ghost Black Night little fish that kept hidden at the back bottom of the aquarium. Once more I was not able to even catch a glimpse of the black with a yellow stripe along it’s back. I left the pet store to rejoin Peter.

As we rolled along in the mall we decided to have something to eat at the food court on the upper floor of the mall. A bit further, we decided to get chili and a bowl of soup for me. We went to Tim Horton’s to get our food order. The order given to Peter had only two soups. Peter took the one soup back to Timmy’s and exchanged it for the chili. Peter rolled up to the table to eat once more. The chilli was hot, tasting so good. Just then Alison and Les walked up to the table!

Alison and Les stood for a while before sitting down at the table. We finished eating as we talked and talked. After finishing my soup, I suggested to Alison that we could go for a smoke. She promptly agreed. So, we gathered up our mess off the table and headed for the garbage on our way to the elevator from the second floor to the main floor of the mall. From there it was a short walk to the rear doors of the mall to the outside.

We must have stayed for half an hour outside in the cool air before heading back inside. From the rear doors, we went as far as the elevator before we separated. Alison and Les went into the elevator to go catch a bus while we turned and went on our way towards home. It was a little less than ten minutes before we opened the door to our humble abode.
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The winds of change blow in a new astrological month as the Sun shifts from steady Taurus to breezy Gemini at 4:30 pm EDT. We entertain multiple possibilities, vacillating between the extremes while influenced by the duality of the Gemini Twins. However, the psychic Pisces Moon announces the shift earlier. Additionally, an anxious Sun-Venus connection puts us on notice that the simple pleasures of Taurus are no longer enough to make us happy.

Your schedule might fall apart at the seams today, and you're wise to offer no resistance if it does. At first, your hands-off response might seem counterproductive, yet your newly found flexibility empowers you to make decisions that are based upon the merit of each moment. However, keeping a few items on your agenda gives your day the backbone needed to increase your efficiency. Star Trek creator, Gene Rodenberry said, "We are on a journey to keep an appointment with whatever we are."

Early in the morning I managed to sleep about two and a half hours in bed before waking and going to my desk. I started a movie with the intention of
doing some texting. I fell asleep and woke up at about 6:00 am. I stayed awake for a while before going to the bathroom and then off to the bed. I slept for an hour and a half before dragging myself out to my desk again. Peter was miserable about the fact that I don’t sleep with him. I kept saying that I was so sorry and that I didn’t want to fall asleep at my desk. Sorry doesn’t do it.

At 11:30 am, we mounted up and hightailed it out to the Cancer Survivor’s Park. There was a fleemarket and a collection of chip trucks offering all kinds of fancy delicacies. We decided to take the cyclepath along the Rideau River to get to our destination. Once there, the twenty or thirty minutes to get there were well worth the trouble. We did a lot of shopping at the rows of tables without actually buying anything. From the park, we rolled east along Industrial Road to Five Guys Burgers.

Five Guys Burgers was a famous restaurant, at least to us. We ordered our burgers and soon were munching them hungrily. There was a little basket of peanuts that came free with the meal. We shared a small order of french fries between our burgers. I ate most of mine but couldn’t finish it. I pushed the little bit of my burger left over towards Peter who promptly gobbled it down.

Our next stop on our walkabout was WallyWorld. We didn’t want to buy anything but I saw a copper brush that seemed just what I wanted for my hair. Peter carried the boxed brush in his right hand while I carried my camera in my right hand while we toured around in the store. We didn’t see anything else worth buying before we headed home.

Heading home meant that we rolled over to Hurdman Station to catch a bus to Billings Bridge. It was a fast way to get to our local mall. We checked out WallyWorld for things but only picked up two dozen bottles of pop, Mountain Dew and Pepsi. Our next stop was down the length of the mall at the Loblaw’s Independent Grocer.

On the way of going into the store, Peter knocked over a row of tomato boxes. The tall young man taking care of that area became occupied with stacking boxes while I chased after the little tomatoes that had travelled the furthest. I started picking up cherry tomatoes that had rolled under a fruit stand into the next aisle. It wasn’t too long before the mess was cleaned up. Meanwhile, Peter had found a cinnamon cake for event we were planning to attend.

We took our time to go home because we had an hour to spare. The event we planned to go to was a potluck supper on the far side of the city. We were often at the event sponsored by Gender Mosaic, originally a volunteer nonprofit organization that became a corporation. I started a coughing fit so we went to bed instead. I slept for four long hours before waking up.


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