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We're not as eager to see every issue from both sides once the Moon leaves reasonable Libra to enter emotional Scorpio at 6:45 am EDT. We're more likely to listen to our hearts, even if it leads us into uncomfortable situations. Unfortunately, we might not be able to wrap our minds around our desires and talking about them doesn't seem to help. Nevertheless, a creative Jupiter-Saturn alignment enables us to magically pull a solution out of thin air.

You can't tell if you're reading someone's behavior correctly today and you don't want to embarrass yourself by jumping to a wrong conclusion. You prefer to believe that your optimism is based on what you're seeing and hearing, but there's enough ambiguity now to make you question your judgment. To complicate matters, you could overcompensate and assume the worst. Both extremes are probably deviations from reality. Continue to observe those around you while sticking as close to the middle of the road as you can. Clint Eastwood said, "The less secure a man is, the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice."

I finally got to sleep in mid morning. I slept right through until 7:00 am for a whole two hours of sleep. My eyes are fuzzy but I can still see well enough. I took my time getting dressed because I kept getting winded. I went into the bathroom and brushed my hair. Then, I gathered up what Peter had asked me for and put it all in my knapsack. I had a monocular set of glasses, my three patches and the plastic bag, two bottles of Mountain Dew, a Thermos of fresh coffee, My pill box, and my hair brush. The last two went in first and I couldn’t bother to pull them out again.

The roll to the hospital’s Rehabilitation took only half an hour under threatening skies. I had a smoke along the way and took a few pictures also. It was a smooth trip for all intents and purposes. Yet, there was an incident when a black pickup truck stopped across a crosswalk.

I rolled right up to the black pickup truck and yelled swear words. The driver slowly rolled the window down a bit and asked if there was something wrong. I repeated my F U swear and immediately turned and zipped around the front of the truck. The driver couldn’t see me while a clear spot went by in the traffic. He was prevented from making his left turn in the morning rush. He had to wait a little longer at least until I reappeared on the other side of his truck.

I rolled up quietly to Peter’s room. Then I sped up and squealed my wheels to a stop at Peter’s bedside. I greeted him and we talked for a while. I ate a muffin before I decided to go for a smoke. About half an hour later, I returned to Peter’s bedside. We played crib for about an hour with my winning the game. Then I escorted Peter down to the main floor and the Rehabilitation Center. We kissed goodbye and I am supposed to go up again at about 6:00 pm.

I went home in a very tired condition. I managed to stay awake for about two hours before I slipped off my shoes and crawled into bed as dressed as I was. It was 4:30 pm when I woke up and started to struggle to get my act together. I had to run around to get my pillbox and take my 4:00 pm pills. I found them and sucked up the needed seven pills with some Thermos coffee. I still had almost a full Thermos and was about to make another pot of fresh coffee. I did that before I started eating from a container of egg and potato salad. I ate about a bowl full before the coffee stopped perking in the coffee machine. I put the container of potato salad back into the fridge on my way to the bedroom. I had to put on my shoes and return to my desk.

At my desk I had to reload my pouch with camera, phone, and cigarettes. Why I had taken everything out in the first place is beyond me. I should have left it in my pouch. I slung the pouch over my neck and went to the kitchen. I added three icecubes to the two Thermoses. Then I added five spoonfuls of sugar to my black Thermos with the red stripe. Only after all of that could I fill the Thermoses to the top before twisting on the caps. A quick wipe made sure the Thermoses were dry before taking them to the electric wheelchair.

The electric wheelchair is my gomobile. It takes me to all of t he places I can’t go by myself. My walking capability is that diminished. I can barely manage to walk from one end of the apartment to the other before I am forced to stop and rest partly from being out of breath and partly from having to recoup my strength from my exertions. It is really not easy being disabled.

It had been overly cloudy all day. It had rained while I slept after I had made it home in a dry condition. Now, it was still threatening but not raining as I made my way up to the hospital in twenty five minutes. It isn’t a record time but it is a fairly steady clip of about ten kilometers per hour.

Peter was snoring when I rolled to a squealing stop at the foot of his bed. He didn’t miss a beat of snoring. So, I slipped off my shoes and cuddled up beside him on his hospital bed. He roused enough to raise his arm for me to lay my head upon it. At the same time he checked his watched and smiled. He knew I had brought fresh coffee. And what’s more, I was snuggled up very close at his side. He breathed a few times before he began to snore again. A minute later and I was snoring too.

We slept snuggled up together for about two hours. I stirred upon hearing a nurse talking to a patient right across from us. I sat up and that was enough to wake Peter up. We both sat up in time to see the nurse start walking in our general direction. I felt a little relieved that the nurse hadn’t needed to wake us up for her nightly rounds. After the nurse took Peter’s vitals and asked a few questions, we decided to play crib.

We had played a game of crib earlier in the day. I won that game plus two other games from the previous day. So we started dealing out cards and pegging points. I won that game and the next game. I am very competitive when it comes to cards. There are only a few card games I can play without getting into trouble or causing trouble. I think of it as being just one of those things that can’t be explained easily.

It was 9:30 pm before we finished playing crib. I had won five out of six games that we had played since Peter had started staying at the hospital. Playing crib was fun for both of us. We usually kept even in points on the board. Once in a while I would get very high scoring hands, more often than Peter was able to. He would win games often enough to keep him in the game, as it were. Still, we would have fun and get excited over one thing or another.

The crib board and pegs were put away, along with the deck of cards. We hugged each other and kissed goodbye. With that, I set out to go home. If it was raining, I would take the bus. If it wasn’t raining, I would walk home in twenty five minutes.

Having decided to walk home, I could only hope that the rain would hold off long enough for me to get home. Twenty five minutes later I hadn’t quite made it to the front door before a mist settled down and a very faint bit of rain fell. I wasn’t perfectly dry at the front door, but what I would call slightly damp.

Home was a happy destination for me. I rolled through the door and locked it before I was greeted by Jessica. It was a relief to know that someone would be at home with me for the night. I have a terrible time being alone, especially while taking the fifteen prescriptions I have. No, not nice at all. So, I had something to eat and poured a 113’ F bath for myself. At the same time, I had sessions with both cats, Dory and Twister. Then I soaked and sweated myself.

Drying off is always a lengthy exercise for me. It takes about two hours for my hair to damp dry. Not completely. It takes me only an hour to cool enough to stop sweating and dry off with two bath towels. We have those. I put on my pink kimono and went out onto the balcony for a smoke. Jessica joined me.

I was fifteen minutes late to start up FaceBook and call Mom on it. Mom was a little slow to answer because she was reading an article from FaceBook on another webpage. Sometimes the other webpage prevents a call connection. We talked for half an hour before I admitted that I was tired and ready to call it a night. We said goodbye and closed FaceBook.

I spent another three hours working away on StupidThree. I should have gone to bed. I should have done a lot of things. Fact is that I was reading an article on one website while listening to another video about anomalies on a second website, all while composing the blog. It seems to be the only way I can keep up to the gruelling pace I set for myself. There are so many things that I want to do and not enough of me to do it all without having clones of myself, You must know that feeling far too well.


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