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Seismic shifts shake our lives today as two planets change signs. We may try to simplify love and accumulate wealth while magnetic Venus visits sensual Taurus for the next month. But we might grow restless with our current circumstances as interactive Mercury enters fickle Gemini for a two-week stay. Meanwhile, the transformational Scorpio Moon holds our feet to the fire, insisting on full metamorphosis rather than a whimsical change of heart.

Downsizing might not come easily now, but the advantages are readily apparent. Your key planet Venus sashays through pragmatic Taurus over the next few weeks, prompting you to get back to basics. Unfortunately, the pressure of eliminating non-essential activities could be a primary source of anxiety. Nevertheless, there's no reason to retreat from confronting your fears; engaging deep processes can ultimately add more beauty to your life.

Today started off in an interesting way. I had no sleep at all while watching videos on YouTube. 7:00 am slipped up in a sneaky way almost without my noticing it. Lack of sleep is deleterious to one’s own competency as well as being very unhealthy. I don’t like either in any particular way. Getting sleep should be added to the top of my priority list.

At a little after eight o’clock in the morning was when I rolled into Peter’s bed space. Peter was sitting with his back to the window, slowly eating what was left of his breakfast. I was offered a few choice items of which I took a muffin with butter and a little cup of mandarin oranges in juice. Peter and I talked casually and Bill from the other bed at the window added a few cents worth. We all had a happy and friendly manner towards each other. I liked that as did everyone else.

Peter and I didn’t play crib because Peter only had until 10:00 am before he had to do his physio session. Ten minutes before Peter had his physio session, he got ready and started to make his way down to the Rehab office on the ground floor. I accompanied him to the Rehab office where we kissed and said our goodbyes. I would return later in the day with a fresh Thermos of coffee. Ok!

It had just started to rain when I went outside. It was a light rain that fell as I raced for the nearest bus stop. There was no way I could think of going home on my electric wheelchair if it were to rain even as lightly as it was. I made it to the bus shelter without getting too wet. A few minutes later, a bus rolled up and stopped to take on a few passengers going in the wrong direction.

I waited a few minutes more before another bus stopped and began lowering it’s ramp. I scuttled onto the bus, bouncing from one railside of the ramp to the other. I stopped at the top and used my Presto card to pay for my fare. Quickly I went to the right hand side of the bus and parked by backing up against the tubular reinforcement behind the driver’s seat. Ok, I am good to go.

The rain hadn’t let up by the time I got off at the mall. I raced through the light rain in the direction of home. I was wet by the time I made it to the back doors of the building although my hand did a good job of covering my controller. I took the elevator to the tenth and raced down the length of the hall. I almost collided with the locked door with my key held out to turn the lock as quickly as I could. I knew the bedroom heater fan was going and I would warm up soon.


time doesn’t heal. Only one becomes accustomed to pain and it becomes bearable. Pain eats everything from inside and you have been through it all to say with conviction that the passage of pain transforms you as a person. This is the lesson you have learnt from pain and it has only taught you how to deal with it.



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