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It's a whole new ballgame today as our overactive minds dream and scheme to make our fantasies come true. The conceptual Aquarius Moon forms an intellectually powerful Grand Air Trine that places logic over feelings. A Mercury-Jupiter trine encourages communication, while aiming our thoughts into the future. Meanwhile, Mercury's dynamic square to nebulous Neptune muddies reality. We're not afraid to go out on a limb in the pursuit of happiness.

It's as if you are riding on a freight train of words today, without knowing where it might stop. Interpersonal communication takes up much of your time, yet it's about to become even more important. You could receive some sort of good news, but it's tricky to discern it from all the other incoming emails, telephone calls and conversations. Pay careful attention to every little detail so you don't let a golden opportunity slip through your fingers. Your next adventure is waiting for you to say yes.


Today is Monday and it is the first day of the week that Peter stays in the Rehabilitation Center on the second floor. I didn't make it to bed because Peter left for the hospital at 9:00 pm last night. I can't sleep without Peter beside me to keep the bogeyman away. I managed to get an hour's worth of sleep at my desk instead of going to bed after talking to Mom on FaceBook at midnight. Oh well, we will see how it goes tonight.

I spent all day dressed up in my bathing suit a la Jungle Jane costume. I know it is at least a decade or more in age, but it is in good shape and looks nice as far as I am concerned. So, the result of all of that sunshine means that I have bright red sun burns all over except my face and forearms. I will have to coat myself in Aloe Vera. I should go from bright red to a vivid green in colour, eh?

Peter will be spending three more weeks including this one in the Rehabilitation Center for the program of Thrombosis Rehabilitation that goes for a full month. Peter gets to have the weekends at home because I am disabled and need his care for certain things like brushing my hair and doing my pills for my weekly pill box. It is a small thing that I can manage to get around in one way or another. I miss Peter.

The place had a major cleanup today by washing the couch and then wrapping it in plastic. The idea was to have a small battle against an invasive force that was relentlessly taking over the place we call home. Then after visiting with Peter the second time, it was a continued battle all evening long of scooping up agents of the enemy and dropping them into a little glass bottle. So many times I felt like I was losing the battle. Today was just another day of the battle continued as I did what I could to clean and otherwise destroy the enemy when and where I found them.


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