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Our ambitions only carry us so far today, and an awkward Mars-Saturn connection indicates we don’t know our limits. Although we’re eager to take charge, the serious Capricorn Full Moon at 12:06 am EDT cautions us to move slowly in our quest for power. The Full Moon joins potent Pluto, intensifying our motivations. The lunar opposition to the willful Sun and insistent Mars, followed by a square to unpredictable Uranus, encourages us to run amok.

You might be at a point in your life where you could benefit from setting some time aside to reevaluate your career. However, don’t fall into the trap of focusing only on what earns you money or power. The goal-oriented Capricorn Full Moon recharges your 4th House of Foundations, reminding you not to overlook your emotional needs. Your home and family are integral parts of the equation. Activist A.J. Muste wrote, “There is no way to peace; peace is the way.”

I have had four hours of sleep, which for me is more than enough. Still, it is far from what I need to keep my feet from swelling more than what it takes to fit into my shoes. There are other things about my health that I have to take care of more than my feet. Like my desktop, my body is full of infection enough to affect my left eye. It is blurred and red as if with Pink Eye, but a cortisone drop eases the pain. Two weeks of Predisolone drops finally brought my vision back to a more reasonable state.

The infection resulting from my disease of AS has affected me in so many ways. I feel devoid of energy as if bereft of the will to do anything. Yesterday I accomplished fixing a little battery powered Wahl shaver. I had taken it apart to see what was wrong with it. It took a month or so to get it back together in working order. I had taken that long to think of how it had to be assembled so that it functioned once more. I consider that the accomplishment of the day.

Another accomplishment of the day was to finish writing the blog of four days previous. It was a matter of composing and texting the complete summary of the day. It didn’t mention the many other days accomplishments which should have also been texted in full with attending descriptive wording. How time consuming it is to sit watching movies while the pages fill with verbiage. It defies explanation completely when the mere presentation is an appropriate and completely descriptive summary of the past.

There are so many products of civilization that are merely refuse to be flushed into storage only to be forgotten like the cities of long ago. Does it matter? Yes, if you consider how, when, and where you choose to live. No, as if you consider the sum of everything might possibly defer the conclusion of genetics and inevitability of evolutionary patterns. So, in conclusion, does it matter?

I took four days to fill out a daily blog because it seemed to matter. All the while, completed activities and energetic accomplishments took priority to fill out the complete sum of another day as lived by two disabled and sickly seniors such as ourselves. And, to top it all off, I, with an obvious lacking of energy, or even inspiration, could hardly manage to create a drop of creativity in the pure sense of the word, and summarily accomplish anything. Right.
The day lies ahead of me while I dutifully text out the final draft of the summary concerning a single day merely four days ago. Does it really matter that I fill out the sum of the singular day in full descriptive verse and continuity? I could just as well fill out the singular summary of a day’s work on something that takes more than a month to build. It takes almost just as much time to build as it does to text the directions to follow. Wait a minute. There are no directions to follow but instead there are pictures of what it should look like without betraying the internal technologies. Ah, how to make a rocket look like a warp driven starship, eh?

There are infinite energy technologies that can be used to power the most simple of droids, drones, machines, and such inventive devices. That leads to the question of the differences between divas and droids. Does structure make a difference?

Apparently to current conventional concepts, it does. But, not true in any sense. Part and parcel building by either evolutionary or bionic mechanical constructs doesn’t bear relevance to the state of intellect. I can only point to the means by which I text on StupidThree as an example of something much smarter than myself.

Now, today starts off with getting dressed and heading off to Landsdown Park where we will shop in the Farmer’s Market. High humidity at twenty one degrees Celsius means we will suck breath in a cloud of dusty smog and exhalations of the crowd around us. At least the scudding clouds are burning off slowly to reveal a sort of summery day. It has been so cold and wet of late that it was hard to believe that it was supposed to be summer.

Well, it is actually summer and the days punctuated by heat storms and flash floods are all part of the season. While the weather advances as it does, my activities are not so inevitable. I have a terrible time trying to concentrate and pick activities that I can manage with the little bit of energy I do have. I can fall asleep at the tipping of a hat. Even if I don’t have a hat, I can fall asleep as easily as putting on my headset. I just seem to go click before I am waking up several hours later. Why is that?

The afternoon storm passed by quickly enough. We did make it home before the rain began. It was then I decided to take a bath. I turned on the hot tap after pushing the plug into place over the screened drain. It invariably takes half an hour to fill the tub enough with hot water before adding soap and the cold water. Another five or ten minutes of running cold water is needed to get the temperature down to a bearable temperature.

Filling the tub with water is one thing. While waiting, I take to combing the cat nearest me. Mostly it is Twister because I have to give her 0.5 CC Prednisolone by an eye dropper. Then the dozen or so Temptations treats of a reward made the experience of getting medicine all the more worth while. Dory was more of a free spirit and not as often prompted to come to me in the bathroom. I have tried to make a habit of ‘bath’ as including the two cats individually for my attentions of cleaning and combing along with other fussing and treats. When I have done with grooming the two cats, I then measure the temperature of the water in the tub with an oven temperature probe. At 110’ F, or even up to 113’ F, I ease myself into the hot water. The bath begins.

A hot bath is mostly to ease my rigidly stiff muscles enough to let me bend and stretch. I can’t exercise my body but I can keep it in working condition by various means. A simple Dr. Ho device can do what I need for stimulation. And, my mind behind the body is still sharp and young in heart. Or, so it seems to me. The main thing is that I do have abilities that I now have to force into working for me as I need them.

Squirrel! Squirrel! My mind does one thing while another part is shouting out “Squirrel!” You know the drill. Multitasking is what I have to manage at all times. Then, I step out onto the balcony or gallerie for a smoke. I am trying to quit, but that only makes matters worse. My coughing symptom is from swallowing any liquid. The liquid goes down my throat and into both my esophagus and my lungs. I cough until all of the liquid is expelled. Rarely do I cough while smoking. Meanwhile, everyone is telling me to quit smoking when it is something I have done for fifty seven plus years and it still comforts me.

I can spend all of my waking time at texting and still not do enough. I have a year’s worth of model building and repairing sitting in wait for my attention. I have to include my hobbies of sketching and writing which are also very intense and time consuming activities. I just can’t manage my time effectively enough to do everything in a day. It is just a matter of going from one thing to another and still not really accomplishing what I need to do to feel like I have done something. Eh?


Healthy Sleep Habits

Go to bed and wake up at the same times every day, even on weekends. If you get 5 hours of sleep a night during the week and 10 on the weekend your body will be confused. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. (You may need more, or less; what is right for you is the amount that leaves you refreshed and alert when you wake.)
If you nap during the day, nap early in the afternoon and for only 20-30 minutes. Longer naps can make you feel groggy and napping late in the afternoon can make it difficult to fall asleep at night.
Get regular exercise. This helps you sleep soundly, but do not exercise within four hours of bedtime.
Limit your intake of caffeinated drinks (coffee, soft drinks, tea) to 1-2 cups during the day and cut it out completely in the evening.
Stop smoking, or try not to smoke in the evening. Both caffeine and nicotine are stimulants.
Do not drink alcohol before bed. It can lead to wakefulness throughout the night.
Create a restful atmosphere in your bedroom. Make it as dark and quiet as you like it. Use your bed for sleeping and sexual activity and leave paperwork, TV watching, eating, etc. to other areas. Turn the clock away from your face. Bodies prefer to be cool while sleeping, so bedroom temperature should be around 18°C.
Create nightly rituals that tell your body and mind that it's time to go to sleep. Put the dog out, bathe, read, listen to relaxing music, lay out your clothes for tomorrow–whatever you choose, try to be consistent.
Try a relaxation exercise in bed. Slowly, tense and relax the different muscle groups from your head to toes, one by one, while breathing deeply and slowly. Concentrating on this can make it easier to let go of worries and fall asleep.
If you can't fall asleep and don't feel drowsy, get out of bed and do a calming activity. Return to bed when you feel sleepy.

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