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We take life more seriously today as sweet Venus is subdued by responsible Saturn. We're not as quick to succumb to our emotional whims. Fortunately, the stabilizing Venus-Saturn trine keeps our feelings in line and helps to ensure our integrity in love. Meanwhile, the practical Virgo Moon reflects our need to analyze all the available data before making any decisions. The more we focus on the details now, the easier it will be over the days ahead.

The tables are pleasantly turned today and it seems as if everyone is being extra nice to you. In fact, there's a hint of love in the air and there may be more going on now than what you see. If you're interested in romancing a special person, be certain to ascertain their feelings before you move too fast with your own. Nevertheless, it's really not complicated; just don't waste energy lost in self-analysis when you can share your thoughts with someone else. Rumi wrote, "Reason is powerless in the expression of Love."

I nodded off at my desk a few times last night. By early morning I barely got half an hour’s worth of sleep. Then I was up and at ‘em to get prepared for the morning. There were things to get that Peter needed and I was the means to get it all to him. I even had a Thermos of coffee extra for him to sip through the day.

Off I went at a little after 8:00 am. The overcast sky was dark and cold, 13’ C cold. I had my winter sweater on my electric wheelchair, along with my white sweater. I had a heavy white cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up and my bare forearms didn’t seem to mind the morning coolness. I think it took about half an hour to get to the Rehabilitation floor where Peter was ensconced. I surprised Peter at his bed by the window. He was so happy to see me, hold me, and kiss a whole bunch!

The morning went by quickly as Peter went from one activity to another and from one therapist to another. I had my own appointment at 11:25 am with Dr. Pitt. He didn’t keep me waiting very long and his brief and perfunctory examination of his handiwork pleased him. I had very little pain and only tenderness when I touched the scar. Soon enough the stitches will dissolve and I will be considered healed from my trouble.

Now I am waiting for 6:00 pm to come around again so I can take another trip up to see Peter. I have the things to take to him all ready. It is just a matter of putting them into my knapsack and making some fresh coffee. Thermoses full of fresh coffee would put a good aroma and mood out for everyone to enjoy. My actual departure time turned out to be at 7:00 pm before the coffee was brewed and poured into the Thermoses.

I took about half an hour to be bundled up in the electric wheelchair going by the Mount Pleasant route. I was warm but still roughed up by the bumps that were far less as rugged on me by the longer Riverside Drive route. Still, it took some time after I had arrived to settle down enough to interact with Peter. We played crib for three games. I won two games out of three but I was silly with fatigue and falling asleep for moments at a time.

Peter knew I was exhausted but I wouldn’t leave him to go home. He decided to take me to Tim Horton’s in the hospital. I allowed myself to have a hot chocolate while Peter had a chicken salad croissant. The sugar in the hot chocolate began to revive me. I began to feel more awake and energy flowed to my fingers.

Peter and I said our goodbyes and parted company. I left through the back doors which happened to be the doors for the Cancer Clinic. I went around to the front of the hospital and made my way to Pleasant Park. In a short time I was home, almost shivering from cold. I went to the bedroom and stripped down to crawl into my kimono. Then I phoned Peter to let him I has arrived at home safely. He was pleased that I phoned to assure him that I was safe and sound at home.

Foolishly, I went to my desk and fell asleep after typing out a few paragraphs. It was not what I wanted but it was what happened. I woke up at about 3:30 am after having missed talking to Mom. I wasn’t awake and up for very long before I fell asleep at my desk again.
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May ends with a cosmic exclamation point as the planets issue so many conflicting orders we don't know what to do. The extroverted Leo Moon sneaks into timid Virgo at 12:15 pm EDT, shifting our emotional framework. Logical Mercury trines probing Pluto, inviting us to get to the bottom of a mystery. Meanwhile, a series of creative alignments urges us to explore new ways to express the magic lurking just beyond the limits of our perceptions.

You are willing to bring up a subject today that might be a conversation stopper on other days. But your jovial approach puts others completely at ease. It's as if you can turn your charm off and on at will, giving you the edge in an important negotiation. Nevertheless, you could be so confident of your message that you forget that communication is a two-way street. Make sure everyone gets a chance to share their opinions without feeling rushed. The Dalai Lama said, "When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new."

Today tried to start off early but was no later than 7:00 am despite the 6:00 am alarm. It is the day that Peter goes off to the hospital for the rest of the week. We will see several things, namely whether I can be self sufficient, whether Peter can go that long without me, and what will happen that we don’t anticipate. I am sure that there will be so many things happening just because we don’t want them to, and that the sky will fall or not.

The sky didn’t fall but the rain sure did. Gatineau gets it again. I had followed Peter up to the hospital and waited while he was admitted as a patient. He will stay in the hospital until Friday when he will come home for the weekend. The wait for admitting was long, almost a full hour before they began to take his information. Meanwhile outside the storm was brewing up.

I decided to wander outside for a smoke so I took a little hike across the street called Ring Road. It was soon after that my phone rang with Peter telling me that they were ready to take him up to his second floor room. I was quick as a bunny to get back as fast as my electric wheelchair could go after I had put out my partially smoked cigarette. Can’t waste them at their high prices.

Up in Peter’s ward of our beds, it was bedlam. A nurse named Cathy helped Peter get the right bed near the window. Shortly after, a pharmacist came in and began going through all of the medications that Peter was taking. A while later, a doctor showed up and examined Peter while he was contending with the questions of the kind pharmacist woman. When both the pharmacist and the doctor had finished and departed, Peter’s lunch showed up. Timing is everything when we are so closely linked in to synchronicity. My fault.

I took a look at Peter’s lunch. It was a macaroni and cheese plate with a little salad and tea. There were condiments, to be sure. Peter needed to be on a 1200 calorie diet and that lunch certainly was bland enough to be one. I didn’t say a word about Peter’s lunch as he bade me to leave before the storm hit. I saw on the weather map that a storm line was crossing over soon enough.

I did as I was asked and left. It was a sad thing for me to leave Peter in the room accompanied by three other men in for pulmonary rehabilitation. I decided not to take the fast bumpy way home. Instead, I crossed over to Mount Pleasant road and follow that north to Riverside drive. It was smooth in comparison to Smythe Road and a long piece of Riverside Drive.

The jaunt home took about half an hour. The first thing I did was to clean the kitty litter. That is a daily task that needs to be done with two large cats sharing the same litter box. Too bad they aren’t trained to use the toilet like some cats I have seen doing. Oh well.

Now I will try to list my priorities and get them done. I am literally on my own until either Jessica shows up or Peter comes home for the weekend. I have to keep myself busy or eat and sleep the time away. It’s only a month that this will go on. So, I will just make the best of it while I have the chance.


By now you're probably wondering if you can just dump the oils into a spray bottle with water and start spraying away. Well, not quite - there are a couple of extra ingredients that you'll need! Don't worry - making your own mosquito repellent is super easy!
Here's what you'll need:
- 30 drops of lemon-eucalyptus essential oil blend
- 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
- 4 ounces witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, or vodka
Mix the witch hazel, essential oil and vanilla extract into a small spray bottle.
You're all set! This formulation will only last for about four hours, so don't forget to re-apply it as needed.


Most animals love honey, and ants are no exception. Worker ants eat liquids, but the queen and her baby larvae eat solids. In order to stop the colony from propagating, you'll need to make both liquid and solid treats for them to munch on.
For the solid ant bait: mix together borax and powdered sugar in a 1:3 ratio. So for every 1/4 cup of borax, add 3/4 cups of sugar.
For the liquid goo: mix together 1/4 cup of borax with 3/4 cup of honey or maple syrup.
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It has been overcast in a threatening way. But, for all of that, it hasn’t rained at all. The ground has remained dry. There are bands of storms that are upwind and certain to cover our area. A warning of scattered showers remains in effect. It makes no difference to the list of things on the agenda. Today is the day of surgery and Thursday is the day to see Dr.Pitt for my other surgery, So it goes that humans break down and need repairs. I am no different in that big respect.

I tried to show something of my latest sketches to the eye doctor. I could have done a much better job of showing my artistic talent but it went astray so she wasn’t all that impressed. I told her I used to be healthy and owned and drove my own tractor trailers all over the continent. Now, that impressed her. Then I waited to be the last one to have laser surgery for the day. You might say that I am a patient patient.

On the way home, we stopped off at the mall. The first place we went to was the pet shop to see cats. They haven’t had cats since Christmas time. Even puppies were not to be seen today. But, they do have birds, guinea pigs, fish, rabbits, and an occasional lizard. I am glad they are not into supplying rare things such as spiders, monkeys, and such.

From the pet shop we went to the World of Wally, as Peter puts it. We spent half an hour tracking along the aisles for a total of three things we could think of buying. Paper was on sale and the price of apricots more than made up for it. With a total of three articles, we went to the checkouts with tellers. It isn’t kosher to use the self checkouts that literally deny jobs and work for people who need the jobs no matter what the cost of checkout errors.
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The cosmos is engaged in a tug-of-war and we may find ourselves caught in the middle today. Red-hot Mars is pulling one way and cold Saturn is pulling the other. Mars is the gas pedal initiating action while Saturn is the brake bringing everything to a halt. Frustration abounds when bossy Mars tells us to go while naysayer Saturn commands us to stop. Meanwhile, the Moon shifts into expressive Leo at 8:11 am EDT, nudging us into forward motion.

Your options seem to be more limited than you thought. In fact, you might decide to make your next round of plans through a process of elimination. Rather than choosing a path into the future and then making it happen, you could end up taking the only road ahead of you after you filter out those that will not feasibly work. But don't surrender the dreams that inspire you the most now. Even if you can't make them real yet, no one can take the magic of your visions away from you.

It was a cold and rainy day worth staying in bed and sleeping away the dismal hours. It was about 4:00 pm when the rain quit and we decided to take the van up to Herongate Mall. Peter was of a mind not to have to deal with any rain so that was his answer to the problem.

Me, I have other problems. I have the spitting disease. I cough until my bones rattle in spasms of painful exertions. There isn’t any cure for my ailments other than the inevitable end. I will take what I know to the Great Maker and his multiverse. I know what I know will add greatly to the knowledge accumulated on the other side. I have been there, so I will know where I will go without fear or trepidation.
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A resurgence of emotional sensitivity can create trouble today, especially if we take ourselves too seriously. The reflective Moon swims into watery Cancer at 7:24 am EDT, reminding us that the protective walls we erect won't necessarily keep out bad vibes. Someone's words stimulate an unpleasant memory when Mercury the Messenger forms an uneasy aspect with wounded Chiron. Confident Jupiter overcompensates by encouraging us to slip into denial.

You might have an attack of Mother Hen Syndrome today; you want to take everyone under your wing and protect them from all the evil influences in the world. Although your intentions are probably nothing but well-meaning, others think you're being overly controlling. You defend your actions and your integrity by claiming you only wish the best for everyone. Everything seems pretty straightforward on the surface, but increases in complexity the more you dig in your heels. Sometimes, relinquishing control is the highest form of love, even if it doesn't seem the kindest.

Sleep started at about 4:00 am. I managed to sleep right through until about 10:00 am. Our plan was to go to the garage sale in the Glebe suburb of central downtown. It was about 11:00 am when we finally hopped onto our electric wheelchairs and made a dash for the Glebe. I took a few pictures along the scenic route we took. The sky had puffy and wispy clouds that did little to diminish the hot rays of the sun beaming down. It was hot in the sunlight and I liked it like that.
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Although the cosmos blesses us with a day to integrate yesterday's intensity, we still have plenty of work to do. It's tempting to luxuriate in the sweet pleasures of the Moon's harmonious aspects to jolly Jupiter and beautiful Venus. But bringing the energy into physical manifestation is challenging until later in the day when the Moon joins action-hero Mars. Nevertheless, indulgence is tempered by responsibility when Luna opposes karmic Saturn.

Your brain power is cranked up high and even if you're just sitting in contemplation, you can hear words as they fly toward you from every direction. But you're not one to wait around for something special to happen; if an opportunity doesn't come knocking early in the day, you will go out looking for one later. In the meantime, use your imagination to explore every contingency possible. Capture the power of the moment by weaving your thoughts into stories with outcomes you wish to manifest.

Today was cloudy and cool so it was the motivation behind spending all day in bed. Sleep was much more preferable than going out to freeze or to attend the last day of the Tulip Festival. A dull cloudy sky doesn’t have much to light the colours of the flowers nor the green of the grass.


Descriptive English Writing Rules?
What do we know about the descriptive writing rules? Know the descriptive writing of the critters before you compose the sentence.
1)The cow jumped over the moon.
2)The cat leaped over the moon.
3)The submarine submerged under the moon.
The rules of composing English is an art in that it is creativity within the rigid rules that govern composition. Vocabulary exists for each and every language. So it is that English, being a very predatory language, can use descriptions used in other languages. Rules and vocabulary evolve as we encounter and incorporate different languages. Back to school, eh?

31 Quick Techniques to Make Your Site More Accessible

1. Make sure all the images on your site have specified alt attributes, height, and width.

2. Use blank alt text for purely decorative images.

3. Use header tags (


, etc)

4. Add skip links liberally

5. In your source: Content first, chrome after

6. Use CSS to hide screenreader-useful things from visual browsers

7. Write link text descriptively

8. Don't rely on tooltips or title text

9. Don't rely on alt text, either

10. Make your title text and alt text the same

11. Explicitly label all form fields

12. Use WAI-ARIA landmark roles

13. Use existing JavaScript libraries

14. Make sure everything has a tabindex

15. Put important things earlier in the tabindex

16. Don't hide any visible element from the keyboard

17. Never use tables unless presenting tabular data

18. And if you need tables, use <th> headers (and ARIA roles)

19. Use
      instead of image-based bullets

      20. Define all sizes in em, not px or pt

      21. Restrict large blocks of text to a narrower length

      22. Check your color contrast

      23. Avoid large blocks of pure white background (cream or grey is better)

      24. Provide light-on-dark and dark-on-light options

      25. Use at least two ways of highlighting information or errors

      26. Retain user input after errors

      27. Don't change the screen without user action

      28. And if you do dynamic content, let people turn it off -- permanently

      29. Don't use Flash or PDFs: use plain text

      30. Caption all audio and video (by people, not machines)

      31. Consider alternatives to CAPTCHA

      And, of course:

      0. Test it yourself.

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The ever-changing Moon dances into lighthearted Gemini at 8:15 am EDT like a kite flying in the spring breeze, signaling a loosening of personal and professional restraints. But the flighty Gemini New Moon at 3:44 pm carries a heavier burden with unrelenting Pluto and sobering Saturn in the picture. An uneasy Venus-Pluto square indicates expressing emotions can stir hurt feelings while an anxious Mercury-Saturn alignment delays satisfaction.

You can't wait to share your travel plans with others. Although it's fun to fantasize about your next adventure, you must get serious if you truly intend to turn your visions into reality. Rather than spinning wild stories based on your conjectures, start a productive dialogue. The curious Gemini New Moon sets up shop in your 9th House of Distant Horizons, inspiring you to reevaluate your long-term goals. Create a bucket list if you don't already have one. Life is short; do whatever is necessary to make your dreams come true.

Today started off at about 7:00 am and went along slowly. Peter had an appointment at about 10:00 am with a doctor at the Montfort Hospital. We prepared ourselves and left in plenty of time for the bus. Everything went along smoothly as usual until we made our way to the elevator to the second floor of the transit line. With no elevator, there was no way to get to the bus we needed. Any detour would make us too late to keep the appointment.

Peter came up with an alternative plan to get to the Montfort Hospital. Peter was always good at arranging things and for years hadn’t been late or missed and appointment. This time was merely an inconvenience. So we returned back to the apartment for my set of keys. From there we had an hour of time to wait until we were to leave again for the second time to get to the Montfort Hospital.

We departed our apartment in good time to keep the appointment at the Montfort Hospital. The van was in sound mechanical condition and we had a half full tank of gas. The drive there was as usual without any traffic difficulties. Peter made it to the Montfort Hospital in plenty of time to keep his Thrombosis appointment.

Peter was occupied at his appointment for an hour and a half. I waited in a lot of a small strip mall about two blocks away from the hospital. I sketched away without worrying about time because Peter was going to phone me when it was time to pick him up. It actually worked out well because I started moving the van about ten minutes before Peter’s cellphone call.

I picked up Peter who had walked out the front entrance as I pulled up and parked at the main entrance of the hospital. Peter had no trouble loading up his electric wheelchair into the van. Once that was done and Peter had buckled himself into the front seat, we slowly drove away. We went a few blocks when Peter had the bright idea of going for a poutine at the chip wagon located on Russell Road. I seconded the idea and off we went in that general direction.

The chip wagon was up on blocks in the same location as it had been for years. It had been in business selling the same menu of excellent foods as other local locations. The owner and operator of the chip wagon is a good friend of mine. I made an HO scale model of her chip wagon for which she gave us free orders of poutine. I was happy she was pleased by the scale model and didn’t need a free order of poutine to mark her happiness that I could plainly see. That was the reward I was looking for.

There were eight men standing around in a line to place their orders at the open window to the chip wagon. I thought it would take a long time to place and make those orders. Simple fact was that the line kept moving along until all eight orders were placed and made in less than fifteen minutes. It was a fast rate by any standard. As far as standards go, the orders were crafted with a consistent, competent, and complete professionalism. That was what kept the customers returning time after time for their orders of sustaining food.

We waited for the men to be served while we ate our own orders of deliciously filling poutine. Then, I moved the van from across the parkinglot to stop beside the chip wagon. I got out and slowly walked to the window as if to place and order, A young girl was standing there, bent down to hear my oral growl with a sore throat asking where the owner of the chip wagon was. She just happened to be out back. I walked around the chip wagon to see the owner duck back inside the chip wagon. So, I walked over to the back door where a little black curly dog was circling. The owner appeared beside the little dog, mouthing cooing sounds and repeating commands to sit and stay.

The owner and I began talking excitedly to each other. She was happy to see me and I wasn’t going to leave without talking to her personally. She asked me how I was doing. In as brief a summary as possible, I began telling what I had been doing for the past two years. I told her that I had been fighting pneumonia for the past year and a half. I still sketched, wrote, and built things with balsa wood. I also had cataract surgery on my eyes and a hernia on my belly button. She frowned as all she could do to express her concern as she voiced an encouraging salutation.

We talked a bit more before I started to sway as I stood still. I said that I had to go and that I would be back. She laughed and agreed with me. I turned and walked back to the van. I waved as I drove away, filled with the owner’s smile, her waving, and the superb poutine. I will be back, eh?

We drove home by about 3:30 pm. It was a nice drive to the underground parking space we have had for the past four years. It is hard to believe that we have been in the same place for the past four years. Still, it is a nice thing to think about as memories keep being added to my storybook.


Written by:
SONIA SIMONE | June 29, 2016 |

The 7 Things Writers Need to Make a Living

classic traits of well-paid writers

If you’re a writer, you might have heard this most of your life:

People don’t make a living writing. You should find something practical to do with your life.

Smart, capable writers grimly pass around war stories on Facebook. Penny-a-word assignments, clients who don’t pay, disdain for our craft, and disrespect for our profession.

And yet, look around at this digital world so many of us spend our lives in — it’s made of words. The technology to produce digital content exists because we create words worth sharing.

Text, video, audio — it all needs great writing if it’s going to be worth spending our time on.

If writing is your profession and your passion, you can accept crap assignments for crap money and crap treatment.

Or, you can choose something better. Because there is something better.

In the time I’ve been writing professionally, I’ve noticed some necessary traits, abilities, and strengths that make the difference between life as a well-paid writer and life as someone who likes to write but can’t seem to get paid for it.

Here are seven of the most important.

#1: Love

This might seem squishy, but if you’re meant to be a writer, you know what I mean.

There is no substitute for the love of writing. For the passion of getting the words right: the head-scratching and the pacing around the house and the endless drafts that aren’t quite right yet.

If you don’t love language and your topic and the act of putting words together, none of the rest of this really means anything.

I could have just as easily used Compulsion, Obsession, or Bullheadedness for this section. Whichever word you choose, it’s about refusing to settle for weak writing, because the words matter.

#2: An attitude of service

Writing for self-expression can be high art, pursued for the sake of your own experience of truth and beauty.

As soon as money changes hands, though, the audience — the reader, listener, or viewer — becomes the focus.

Professional writers work from an attitude of serving their audiences. Serving them with truthful, beautiful words, yes. But also with language that meets their needs, language that clarifies rather than prettifies.

Novelists, copywriters, and content marketers all live in service to our audiences. No matter how clever or perfectly poetic we may find a phrase, if it doesn’t serve the audience, it goes.

#3: Confidence

It’s always struck me as odd that many of the most capable writers are also some of the most insecure.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. Confidence comes from putting the work in to become a genuinely authoritative expert. It comes from research, craftsmanship, and seeing the difference you make to your audience.

Serious craftspeople are humble and proud at the same time.

The pride and confidence come from hours of deliberate practice — the kind of work that expands your abilities and challenges you to grow. The humility comes from the knowledge that a true pro is always improving, expanding, and refining.

#4: Training

Many writers imagine that if you have a good writing voice and a strong opinion about the serial comma, you’re qualified to work as a professional copywriter.

Not so fast.

Great copywriters and content marketers are fine wordsmiths, but they’re also strategists. They understand what types of content work to attract attention, to stand out amid the sea of content clutter, to motivate buying behavior, and to help the audience make the journey from interested bystander to loyal customer.

Solid content and copywriting strategy come from training (and practice). You can get a lot of that training right here at Copyblogger, of course.

And for writers who are serious about professionalism, we have a course designed to train you about the craft of professional content creation. (The “art” is up to your talent and abilities.)

#5: Discipline

You may be a brilliant wordsmith and master strategist, but if you don’t devote yourself to the butt-in-chair time needed to produce a significant quantity of work, you won’t get where you want to go.

To a great degree, discipline is a set of habits that can be cultivated. As a writer, you can string together rituals, create the right work environment, and adopt the behaviors of productive writers.

As a working writer, you also need to throw in a set of habits that will ensure that you meet your deadlines, keep clients updated, and invoice your clients promptly.

If you care enough, you’ll do it. The habits can be difficult to put into place, but fortunately, once they’re in place, they tend to keep you on the right track. (That’s the difference between habits and will power.)

#6: The willingness to become a marketer

There is some money in writing fiction. (For the lucky few, there’s a great deal of money. Emphasis on few.)

There’s also still a little bit of money in journalism and feature writing, especially if you have excellent contacts.

But for the most part, if you want to make a living as a writer, the fastest, most enjoyable way to do that is to write content for businesses that want to find more customers.

It’s interesting, lucrative, very much in demand, and it will get you researching and investigating as many different topics as you like.

You might think that this kind of writing is boring to do. Far from it. Creating really good content (as opposed to the mass of junk that makes up 95 percent of web copy) will call on your skills as a storyteller, investigator, wordsmith, and historian.

A well-qualified content marketer needs all the skills of a great feature or fiction writer — combined with solid marketing strategy.

You also, of course, need to get comfortable marketing yourself. This can be surprisingly tough even for writers who create superb marketing for their clients.

“Create a bunch of content and hope someone wants to do business with you” won’t work for your writing business any more than it will for your clients’. You need to apply the same strategies and frameworks to your own business that you do to theirs.

If this doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t let that worry you. It doesn’t come naturally to a lot of good writers. But it’s something that’s well within your ability to learn. And we have some resources that can help.

#7: Support

One of the tough things about living as a professional writer is that the path you walk is one you make yourself.

There’s no one to tell you which direction to go, no one to give you sign posts along the way, and no one to outline your day for you and tell you where you need to be and when.

That’s also one of the fantastic things about living as a professional writer. But sometimes Fantastic is also Difficult.

Writing is a lonely business. And it can be just a little lonelier when you don’t have colleagues to bounce questions off of or share your gripes and triumphs with.

When you do find a community of writers, though, it’s a lovely thing. They’re some of the most funny, smart, and quirky people you’ll ever meet. And it just feels good to hang out with people who get you.

(Because your friends and family actually do think you’re sort of a weirdo.)

Where to find professional writers and content marketers

If you need a talented, passionate, skilled writer with terrific knowledge of marketing strategy, our Copyblogger Certified Content Marketers are ready to help with your projects.

You can find a complete list of them here: Certified Content Marketers.

Or, are you a writer who wants to become a professional content marketer?

For you, we’d recommend participating in our Certified Content Marketer training program. It’s usually closed, but we’ll reopen it soon for a short time to invite a new group of students inside.

We’d love to see you there. Add your email below and we’ll let you know when we’re enrolling a new group of writers.

Find out when our Certified Content Marketer training program reopens:
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We prefer to keep our lives free of drama as much as possible while the reflective Moon visits bucolic Taurus. However, even the most casual relationships grow complicated when words miss the mark. A cavalier Mercury-Jupiter alignment seems like a cosmic invitation to exaggerate, but stretching the truth won't serve anyone's cause. Feelings deepen when the Sun and Moon both connect with passionate Pluto, requiring us to get real with one another.

A conversation with a friend can take you in a totally unexpected direction today. In fact, you may be touched by the fickle finger of fate when someone says something that acts like a catalyst and opens a new world of possibilities. But simply going along for a ride now is not on your agenda, even if you're being carried to a magical destination. Naturally, you want to have a hand in deciding your future. The manifestation of your dreams starts from within. Existentialist J.P. Sartre wrote, "We are our choices."

It was surprising that I went to sleep at 3:30 am and woke up at 7:00 am. I started a sort of cleanup on my desktop while watching a movie. It was very occupying for me to exercise my fingers with the little things at hand. I know it did much good for my desktop to get the needed attention I gave.

My mood of cleaning went much further than I thought it would. With a lot of help by Jessica, we cleaned and debugged the entire livingroom, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and the two bedrooms. We took a couple of smoke breaks during the two hour expenditure of intense energy. Three desks, a LazyBoy love seat, a futon, and a queen sized bed were attacked vigorously. The results of our combined efforts was amazing and most satisfying in knowing that we were now happy with the condition of our home.

Did you know that you can work up a sweat at cleaning vigorously? Well,yes, you can do that or anything else for that matter. Any physical activity can be overdone to the point that sweat can appear in the most surprising places. I much prefer to sweat it out in a hot tub of soapy and sudsy water. The thing is that sweating is a good way to flush out lymphatic fluids laden with disease and waste materials. Go Lymph! Go!
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We're on a quest to re-establish stability in our lives after the fiery Aries Moon moved us into new territory. The Moon's shift into earthy Taurus at 8:32 am EDT reflects our need to slow down and find our center of gravity so we don't go flying off into the unknown. A rowdy Moon-Mars alignment releases stress while the Moon's conjunction with chatty Mercury prompts us to discuss our feelings. Nevertheless, it serves us well to keep things simple.

People seem shadier today, like they aren't disclosing everything that might concern you. It's not that you are paranoid, but you are curious about what's being conveniently dropped out of view. Unfortunately, asking questions won't help; your prodding will only make someone clam up even more. Your smartest strategy is simple now: live your life from the inside out. Rather than basing your wellbeing on anyone else, seek emotional security within and let others go through their motions. Whatever you need to know will be revealed in due time.

Today started off with a short sleep until waking up at 7:00 am. I took my 8:00 am pills only an hour early which is something I often do. I was all stuffed up with thick phlegm that didn’t want to move out of my breathing tubes. I felt like I was suffocating only because I couldn’t draw any breath. It took a long time to get over the feeling of being short winded.

I watched two movies while I typed out some blog material in order to catch up. I seem to have gotten myself into being a steady two days behind and struggling to remember just what happened. It is hard for me to remember things at the best of times. Still, I make something of a tale out of thin air. There are lots of stuffs I could be writing about instead of the innocent story telling.

The day passed by slowly until it was time for us to leave for Peter’s shrink appointment. We loaded up when we were prepared enough and made a good time to the shrink’s office. As usual, Peter had a good session with Dr. Spees with me as the main topic. My health was enough of a concern that Dr.Spees came outside to see me personally when Peter’s session had ended.

Dr. Spees is a handsome old man in his particular way. I like him and he is sincerely impressed with my abilities and capabilities. Anyways, he was standing outside the van’s door to see and talk to me. We were both happy to see each other. I showed him my latest work on a sketch of a house done with a mechanical pencil and .007 lead. The soft lead was difficult to make sharp lines with shading. He greatly admired the sketch after saying that I looked well when I was so shortly recovered after my tummy surgery. He didn’t spend more than a few minutes before disappearing back inside to see the next patient on his list.

On the way home Peter was rather short tongued about his session summary. He did say that they talked mostly about me, breathing, and a few other things. The way home was slow and we had to take a detour. It was even slow getting into our parking space. From there, we went for a short walk along the river. We were across from WallyWorld when the cold wind blew enough to discourage Peter from walking further. From there it was a short walk through the mall to home with supper.

Peter and I were able to sit down quickly at home and fill up with Tuesday Tenders. At the Independent store is a weekly menu with our favourite meal deal being Tuesday Tenders of deep fried and coated chicken pieces with spiced potatoe wedges for a total of $10.00 packed in two paper boxes. Peter always buys two Tuesday Tenders orders of four boxes for a sum of $20.00 even. It’s worth it, eh? Is there no tax on food?

Priorities. Sitting at a desk with an antique desktop computer can be very tiring. The ‘to-do’ list is long and the likelihood of it all being done is quite impossible.
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At about 1:30 pm, Cynthia came through the door. Cynthia has her own set of keys and is a member of our little nuclear family. We stick together for several important reasons. The important thing is that we all love each other.

Cynthia did a major cleanup and the dishes. Cynthia had numerous smoke breaks that punctuated both play and work time. Believe that we all enjoyed the presence of Cynthia. Peter and I spent an hour together with Cynthia in the bedroom. Peter had a number of sessions with Cynthia in the bedroom and kitchen that were close, intimate, and very painful. Cynthia happens to be a very submissive, masochistic, hermaphrodite little slave. In part, that is why we love her so much as we do.

Cynthia had a mission to come and visit with us. She had a shower chair that I could use for the short time that I can’t take a bath. Cynthia made the best use of her time with us from her arrival until her departure at about 6:00 pm. It was far too short of a visit and we all felt the pinch of time for every second.

When Cynthia left, Peter busied himself with making a fresh pot of coffee. We set about getting ready to go out in the cool and cloudy afternoon. It was our intention to visit our dear old friend Sam Zunder in the hospital. He is a blind old man in his early nineties hooked up to oxygen with a serious case of pneumonia laying in a hospital bed for the past week.

Sam is in a precarious situation of being coaxed into picking a full care facility after moving from his limited care but luxuriously posh two bedroom condo. We may or may not be a rescue for Sam’s sanity, As we visited with Sam, Peter noticed that there were several times that Sam stopped his sentences for his own reasons.

Sam was fully conscious that there was a black family with children on the other side of a thin curtain. Sam is a conscientious Hebrew who shares a personal dialogue with Peter and myself. I would allow such blunt little interruptions in Sam’s dialogue while Peter took it as a slight indication of dementia.

Sam was on the verge of falling asleep when we showed up at his bedside. Sam thought he was dreaming at first when we greeted him and announced our presence. It was only moments later that Sam realized we were really there in person. From then on, Sam kept a good response to our comments and questions. We found out that Sam can get kosher food at the hospital, so I was relieved that we didn’t go to Kettleman’s Bakery for a dozen kosher bagels.

We spent almost an hour with Sam before we let Sam’s droopy eyes relax with our goodbyes. We wheeled out of the semiprivate ward into a dark blue screen. So, we turned about and took a long way around and down the long halls to the elevators. We stopped at the hospital’s main doors to bundle up for our hike home. It was cold outside and a wind was blowing. It took us a half hour to follow the sidewalks leading to our highrise.

Upon our arrival at home, we decided that something to eat was in order. Fresh coffee was started and Jessica set about making a Hamburger Helper sort of meal. Fresh coffee was served long before two bowls of hot hamburger and noodles appeared upon our desks. We dug in with spoons to stuff ourselves in a short time.

At about midnight as usual was when I began my conversation with Mom. I had three days worth of digital images copied to a website called Shutterfly. It allows personal webpages to be constructed for free. I like the for free part. So, I started a personal webpage to display the myriads of images I took during my travels here and there. My conversations with Mom are demonstrated by the photo albums that I keep online. I like the online for free part.

Time passed quickly as did the conversation with my Mom. I told her about the new photo albums for viewing in her own time. I often keep her up longer than she wants simply by changing topics of interest. We talk about a lot of interesting topics and history that we remember.
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We wake up to a new set of issues, as if we've been transported to the Land of Oz. Yesterday seems like the distant past once the Moon blasts into impulsive Aries at 6:10 am EDT. We're eager to leave our emotional baggage behind, along with the stability of Earth. We soar like kites on the changeable spring breezes of the Sun and Mars in mutable Gemini. Additionally, several fateful aspects remind us that we never know what the future will bring.

Everyone seems overly demanding today and you don't know whether or not you can provide what they want. Naturally, you enjoy making others happy, but you're not willing to engage with someone who is acting mean-spirited. It really doesn't take much effort to be nice. When people treat you like they don't care, believe them. You will rest easier once you make a clear distinction between dependency and love. Give from the goodness of your heart with no strings attached or don't give at all.

Today was cold and windy enough to elect to stay in bed all day. That’s exactly what we did until 3:00 pm. I had a smoke out on the balcony with my dear friends Gabby and Jessica. It was quiet and little was said about having a roast for supper. Gabby and Peter left to go to the mall for anything we might need in the next few days of holiday. Tomorrow will have almost everything shut down for the holiday. Yea! Fireworks from the balcony at 9:00 pm later.

The fireworks were terrific! The fireworks show at Landsdown Stadium lasted about half an hour. There were all kinds of fireworks from fountains of coloured sparks to very high blasts of clouds of shimmering sparks that floated down with mixes of colours. Peter took a movie video of the complete fireworks performance. It was enough for me to sit out on the balcony and watch the whole show. Altogether, the three of us thoroughly enjoyed the big performance of costly coloured extravaganza.
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The winds of change blow in a new astrological month as the Sun shifts from steady Taurus to breezy Gemini at 4:30 pm EDT. We entertain multiple possibilities, vacillating between the extremes while influenced by the duality of the Gemini Twins. However, the psychic Pisces Moon announces the shift earlier. Additionally, an anxious Sun-Venus connection puts us on notice that the simple pleasures of Taurus are no longer enough to make us happy.

Your schedule might fall apart at the seams today, and you're wise to offer no resistance if it does. At first, your hands-off response might seem counterproductive, yet your newly found flexibility empowers you to make decisions that are based upon the merit of each moment. However, keeping a few items on your agenda gives your day the backbone needed to increase your efficiency. Star Trek creator, Gene Rodenberry said, "We are on a journey to keep an appointment with whatever we are."

Early in the morning I managed to sleep about two and a half hours in bed before waking and going to my desk. I started a movie with the intention of
doing some texting. I fell asleep and woke up at about 6:00 am. I stayed awake for a while before going to the bathroom and then off to the bed. I slept for an hour and a half before dragging myself out to my desk again. Peter was miserable about the fact that I don’t sleep with him. I kept saying that I was so sorry and that I didn’t want to fall asleep at my desk. Sorry doesn’t do it.

At 11:30 am, we mounted up and hightailed it out to the Cancer Survivor’s Park. There was a fleemarket and a collection of chip trucks offering all kinds of fancy delicacies. We decided to take the cyclepath along the Rideau River to get to our destination. Once there, the twenty or thirty minutes to get there were well worth the trouble. We did a lot of shopping at the rows of tables without actually buying anything. From the park, we rolled east along Industrial Road to Five Guys Burgers.

Five Guys Burgers was a famous restaurant, at least to us. We ordered our burgers and soon were munching them hungrily. There was a little basket of peanuts that came free with the meal. We shared a small order of french fries between our burgers. I ate most of mine but couldn’t finish it. I pushed the little bit of my burger left over towards Peter who promptly gobbled it down.

Our next stop on our walkabout was WallyWorld. We didn’t want to buy anything but I saw a copper brush that seemed just what I wanted for my hair. Peter carried the boxed brush in his right hand while I carried my camera in my right hand while we toured around in the store. We didn’t see anything else worth buying before we headed home.

Heading home meant that we rolled over to Hurdman Station to catch a bus to Billings Bridge. It was a fast way to get to our local mall. We checked out WallyWorld for things but only picked up two dozen bottles of pop, Mountain Dew and Pepsi. Our next stop was down the length of the mall at the Loblaw’s Independent Grocer.

On the way of going into the store, Peter knocked over a row of tomato boxes. The tall young man taking care of that area became occupied with stacking boxes while I chased after the little tomatoes that had travelled the furthest. I started picking up cherry tomatoes that had rolled under a fruit stand into the next aisle. It wasn’t too long before the mess was cleaned up. Meanwhile, Peter had found a cinnamon cake for event we were planning to attend.

We took our time to go home because we had an hour to spare. The event we planned to go to was a potluck supper on the far side of the city. We were often at the event sponsored by Gender Mosaic, originally a volunteer nonprofit organization that became a corporation. I started a coughing fit so we went to bed instead. I slept for four long hours before waking up.
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There's a delicate balance between the old and the new that's indicated by stable Saturn's trine to disruptive Uranus. But people's hidden motives create subtle power struggles as macho Mars misaligns with suspicious Pluto. Meanwhile, jovial Jupiter's presence encourages overindulgence and could turn us into Pollyannas. Complicated circumstances make it difficult to untangle a single theme today, while the dreamy Pisces Moon adds to the confusion.

Saying no may be the hardest thing you can do today, yet it's necessary to establish firm boundaries. The problem is that several planets are activating buoyant Jupiter in your 1st House of Self, encouraging you to see the bright side of every situation, even if there are demons lurking in the shadows. It's so natural to say yes now that you might find yourself in over your head before you know it. However, you can avoid the traps if you take time to observe the clues and signs all around you. Eckhart Tolle wrote, "Awareness is the greatest agent for change."

Today was a messed up morning. I woke up at about 6:00 am and went to my desk after a quick stop along the way. I had a cup of cold coffee from two days ago to sip while I played on StupidThree. I didn’t do too well because it wasn’t long before I fell asleep at my desk. At least I didn’t plant my forehead on my keyboard as I have been known to do frequently. I woke again at about 9:30 am and we started getting ready to go out. Fresh coffee was made as we dressed and got everything together that we were going to take along with us.

Now, we are off to see the neglected trailer that has been summerized for the summer. We are known to have a mouse infestation that doesn’t go over too well. Oh well, so much for the big summer sendoff, eh? We have had mice in our trailer for two years now, I don’t think we will take them back to Heather from whom and from where we originally picked them up. Now, ain’t that something, eh?

We spent some time at the trailer. There was a mess to clean up and repairs to the bedding where the mice had eaten through to the batting. I took some extra heavy tape from the van to cover over the holes that were made by the mice. I cleaned up a lot of areas where there was mouse droppings and of course the batting that was chewed up and left in little piles contaminated with mouse droppings. I felt much better knowing that the trailer was back in a nice and liveable condition,

The drive home was sunny bright and warm, so we took a detour to get a car wash at the Petro station on Conroy road. The car wash was a good one and we soon were back on our way home. We parked in the underground as usual when we decided to go for a walk along Rideau River towards Hogsback Falls. It was nice and warm when we started off on the walk.

I took a whole lot of pictures along the way. The river islands had changed considerably because of the rush of flood water. It was nice to see the changes and take pictures of it all. There weren’t as many Canada Geese as we have had in previous years. Maybe it is just too early in the season for geese. As we went along the air cooled. It finally cooled enough that we decided to turn around to head for home.

The way home went past the local mall. We crossed over the road to get into the Wallyworld. It was our usual pattern to go through the aisles to find what we always bought. Peter got some groceries and I picked out a $5.00 movie. We left the Wallyworld and went to the pet store. I went inside to see if I could see and possibly take pictures of the Ghost Black Night little fish that kept hidden at the back bottom of the aquarium. Once more I was not able to even catch a glimpse of the black with a yellow stripe along it’s back. I left the pet store to rejoin Peter.

As we rolled along in the mall we decided to have something to eat at the food court on the upper floor of the mall. A bit further, we decided to get chili and a bowl of soup for me. We went to Tim Horton’s to get our food order. The order given to Peter had only two soups. Peter took the one soup back to Timmy’s and exchanged it for the chili. Peter rolled up to the table to eat once more. The chilli was hot, tasting so good. Just then Alison and Les walked up to the table!

Alison and Les stood for a while before sitting down at the table. We finished eating as we talked and talked. After finishing my soup, I suggested to Alison that we could go for a smoke. She promptly agreed. So, we gathered up our mess off the table and headed for the garbage on our way to the elevator from the second floor to the main floor of the mall. From there it was a short walk to the rear doors of the mall to the outside.

We must have stayed for half an hour outside in the cool air before heading back inside. From the rear doors, we went as far as the elevator before we separated. Alison and Les went into the elevator to go catch a bus while we turned and went on our way towards home. It was a little less than ten minutes before we opened the door to our humble abode.
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Life is more complicated today as cerebral Mercury forms an otherworldly connection with transformational Pluto. Simplistic thoughts evolve from lowly caterpillars to lofty concepts that soar on butterfly wings. Meanwhile, the intellectual Aquarius Moon travels through smooth territory, allowing our unconventional thoughts to redefine reality. However, we may become too rigid in our thinking until the Moon slips into magical Pisces at 11:51 pm EDT.

You don't want to do everything the same old way today, but you still have a great deal of respect for the tried and true. Asking others for advice could be a mistake if you're looking for reasons to maintain the status quo, since people are more likely to push you outside of your comfort zone now. Nevertheless, your most successful strategy is based on breaking free from a previous limitation without dismantling the entire structure. Ravi Shankar said, "Perfect balance is like a razor's edge; it can be found only in the Self."

The morning started off at 9:00 am after getting a full eight hours of sleep. I didn’t think I could sleep so long but I did. It was intended to be a day of rest and it proved to be exactly that, I kept nodding off at my desk. It didn’t matter what I did but I kept nodding off.

Cathy, among all your fantastic qualities, this is the one trait that stands out the most. You use this skill to make the world a better place everyday. Your friends rely on this trait of yours and you never let them down in their time of need.
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Unexpected events send us down the rabbit hole today and, like Alice, we can't keep up with all the changes in Wonderland. Resistance is futile since the emotionally intense Scorpio Full Moon at 5:42 pm EDT is a catalyst for change. An early morning Mercury-Uranus hookup all but guarantees the day won't turn out as planned. Nevertheless, there is magic in the air - invisible to those who fear the unknown, but obvious to those willing to engage it.

Money matters are like a pebble in your shoe today as you struggle with making a financial decision. The Scorpio Full Moon brightens your 2nd House of Resources, cautioning you to use logic when contemplating overspending on a non-essential item. Ask for sound advice from an expert if you're thinking about a major expenditure. Adding another person to your deliberation process helps to clarify whether or not you can satisfy your material desires now. Motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein said, "True abundance isn't based on our net worth, it's based on our self-worth."

Today went running along with only five hours of sleep. It was enough in two sleeps of first two hours and then three hours before taking a bath. After drying off and getting dressed, we went in the van to get our tires changed, It was supposed to take only an hour so we went for a sort of walk on our electric wheelchairs. We toured through the Salvation Army store and then went to Bobby’s Table.

Peter was hungry when we sat at a table beside the front window to watch our parked electric wheelchairs. Peter ordered a smoked meat sandwich while I ordered two eggs on white toast. We enjoyed our coffee and such, happily filled and contentedly watching over our electric wheelchairs. We headed back to the garage to get our van, dear van.

We started back in the direction of home. I said that we should take the van for a run on the highway to round out our new tires. Peter decided that we should go west on the highway despite the fact that it was rush hour and there was bumper to bumper traffic to the west side of the city. Almonte turned out to be our final destination.

We spent three hours on our electric wheelchairs touring around the river banks of the Mississippi river and a small section of downtown Almonte. The weather was warm with sunshine being bright with only puffy clouds. I took about 260 pictures with the digital camera while Peter added another dozen or so on our way back home. It was a super way to end our day and at the same time to celebrate the spring weather we were able to enjoy.

It was later that evening when Jessica and I were outside on the balcony enjoying a smoke that an interesting topic was raised. Did the creek below us have a sort of paddlewheel sound to it? Yes, very definitely there was a loudly audible pattern in the flowing rush of teh creek. For over a hundred years there had been paddlewheels on the creek that powered sawmills, grist mills, and other engines of industry. The bed of the creek had been literally carved by the turning of paddlewheels to continue the sounds long after the entire length of the creek was freed of all industry. Only a large mall sat at the spring feeding the beginning of Sawmill Creek and the ponds that once floated booms of logs and lumber that floated downstream to Quebec city.

The evening proceeded as it did with me falling asleep at my desk and Peter crawling off to bed. Even the cats were less energetic and napped in different places. It isn’t the sort of thing to brag about, but my dozing off kept me in an upright position in my chair. I think it is better for me to sit rather than lay down because the phlegm in my lungs gathers as a thick goo that is so hard to move once it gets into my bronchial tubes.

I do keep track of a few things like the solar images from SOHO and stuff concerning archaeology and ancient history. It is my opinion that we have a long history that involved aliens and civilizations long since ground to dust. Our human genetics stopped evolving three million years ago and then went bump about two hundred thousand years ago. It most certainly did not start about six thousand years ago as Adam and Eve. There are proofs and megalith complexes that are dated hundreds of thousands of years ago. Have you made a fossil lately?

This note captures who you are perfectly, Cathy. You must recognize yourself in these words, they show what a unique and wonderful person you are. You are truly an amazing person and you understand the beauty in living each day as though it were your last.
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Emotional inconsistencies are apparent while the evocative Moon moves through a series of stressful aspects. We are aware of the limitations of rational analysis when the critical Virgo Moon squares authoritative Saturn. We grow hopeful when the Moon shifts into peace-seeking Libra at 2:20 pm EDT. However, tempers flare as aggressive Mars anxiously aligns with irrepressible Uranus. We are wise to breathe deeply and think twice before we act.

You have a secret roadmap to success in your possession now. But you're not interested in sharing it with anyone until all the kinks are eliminated. Obviously, leading a cloak-and-dagger lifestyle is exciting, but it also has its own level of complications. It's nearly impossible to find your feet when your head is in the clouds. Demonstrate your competence by setting realistic goals and then making your dreams come true. Opera singer Beverly Sills said, "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

Another day of sleeping either in bed or at my desk. I prefer to sleep in my bed but I don’t always seem to make it that far. Even a little bit is just a little bit too far, sometimes. This on again and off again rotation of going to bed or desk is not the most ideal way of passing time. And, an alternative of watching a movie over and over again also doesn’t fly too well. Oh well, such is life, eh?

It rained all day and is still raining into the following morning. Rain only means that we don’t go outside without covering up in plastic bags and rain gear. We do have that, good rainwear that keeps us dry and warm. It is better that we don’t go outside at all. So, it is another day of watching movies and the many topics on YouTube. I have spent a lot of the day nodding off at my desk while watching something on my monitor.

At the moment, I am listening to a video in YouTube called 'Are you listening to your body's secret signals?' It suddenly struck me that I have been sitting at my desk since Christmas seemingly doing nothing. Have I been doing nothing? Well, I have been going over what I know over and over again. Then I realized that I was not listening to my body's secret signals. I can be so stubborn and stupid at the same time. But, no I was not listening to my body's secret signals.

I started to learn about tapping, about self hypnosis, about mental relaxation, about mental concentration, about all kinds of things in general. But, none of it was directed to myself about anything. I was blank, hearing nothing, seeing and doing nothing, and accomplishing nothing. I have been so sick that I had to take a time for just healing. I still have a lot of healing to do because it seems like I have been suffering and not healing like I should have been doing. Apparently I have to start learning about myself all over again. Hm.
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Emotional inconsistencies are apparent while the evocative Moon moves through a series of stressful aspects. We are aware of the limitations of rational analysis when the critical Virgo Moon squares authoritative Saturn. We grow hopeful when the Moon shifts into peace-seeking Libra at 2:20 pm EDT. However, tempers flare as aggressive Mars anxiously aligns with irrepressible Uranus. We are wise to breathe deeply and think twice before we act.

You have a secret roadmap to success in your possession now. But you're not interested in sharing it with anyone until all the kinks are eliminated. Obviously, leading a cloak-and-dagger lifestyle is exciting, but it also has its own level of complications. It's nearly impossible to find your feet when your head is in the clouds. Demonstrate your competence by setting realistic goals and then making your dreams come true. Opera singer Beverly Sills said, "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

Another day of sleeping either in bed or at my desk. I prefer to sleep in my bed but I don’t always seem to make it that far. Even a little bit is just a little bit too far, sometimes. This on again and off again rotation of going to bed or desk is not the most ideal way of passing time. And, an alternative of watching a movie over and over again also doesn’t fly too well. Oh well, such is life, eh?

It rained all day and is still raining into the following morning. Rain only means that we don’t go outside without covering up in plastic bags and rain gear. We do have that, good rainwear that keeps us dry and warm. It is better that we don’t go outside at all. So, it is another day of watching movies and the many topics on YouTube. I have spent a lot of the day nodding off at my desk while watching something on my monitor.
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Logistics are complicated today as our plans clash with someone else's. Or, perhaps there's just not enough time to finish our work even though Mercury is now moving direct. The Moon's shift into analytical Virgo at 5:46 am EDT further emphasizes communication. However, conversations sour as messenger Mercury forms a cranky aspect with contentious Mars. Fortunately, we can still make progress if we remember multiple points of view are possible.

You may have extensive conversations with yourself today, lost in the intricacy of details that don't ultimately matter. Nevertheless, something drives you to untangle the finer points of possible plans that never come to fruition. Fortunately, you can take control of your own mental process by establishing priorities early in the day. It's easier to leave a train of thoughts aside when you have already established their lack of importance. Philanthropist Michael Friedsam wrote, "Concentrate on finding your goal, then concentrate on reaching it."

We went to sleep at about 2:00 am and woke up at about 6:00 am. About 7:00 am, I started to pour my bath, feed Twister her medicine, and comb both cats with the comb I always use. It took about half an hour for me to fill the bath tub with straight hot water before I added soap and enough cold water to make the temperature comfortable. When the hot water had been cooled enough I eased my body into the sudsy tub. Aha!

You are strength. You are fire. You are powerful. You are potent poison.
You are a woman of substance. You are a woman made with the forces of the powerful gods and goddesses combined.

You are magic in real and you are the potent poison that could kill millions.
You are a sweet poison that entices many and you are the silent killer that even death is afraid of!

You are a woman that men crave and are terrified of asking though. You are intimidating.

Don't worry because we recognize your strength and here is the ultimate definition of your strength described through the most powerful words and phrases that summarize only a part of who you are.

Tag your friends here and share the result with all to let everyone know about your powerful persona!
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We may appear to act with certainty today, but we don't have as much clarity as we think. The extroverted Leo Moon inspires us to broadcast our intentions with bravado. But a three-week review phase is over and we're in for one more plot twist as trickster Mercury ends its retrograde phase. Meanwhile, an imaginative Sun-Neptune alignment amplifies our fantasies, encouraging us to follow our dreams, even if we can't distinguish them from reality.

You might not be able to believe what comes out of people's mouths today. Honestly, it's as if they're not thinking before speaking. Although unpremeditated revelations can create an awkward situation now, it's not as discomforting as being stuck with no one saying anything at all. Thankfully, common sense prevails; it's obviously simpler to modify a thought that has been said than one that hasn't.

Today started off early as Peter had an appointment with the General Hospital Rehabilitation Thrombosis clinic. Peter was on time as usual and after a brief wait was taken inside. There were half a dozen other people waiting for their turn. I waited outside with the waiting patients while Peter was given a stress test on a bicycle and also a walking test. It took about an hour for Peter to be able to complete all of the tests that they had for him.

We took the city bus to and from the General Hospital to get back home by about 12:30. We seem to have a lot of synchronicity incidents going on with our timetables. Anyhow, Peter also had an appointment with Dr. Spees at 3:45 pm. Again, we made it on time and there was no trouble with the traffic. I sat drawing on my clipboard and smoked two cigarettes. Peter came out after his session with Dr. Spees.

As always, Peter summarized what he talked about with Dr. Spees. It was then that he mentioned he had seen something on the report at the Rehabilitation unit. It was noted that Peter was expected to be able to live for about a year because of his lung condition. I can barely remember what else Peter said he talked about. A year?

Peter asked me to drive to Food Basic, which I did. I am a ghoul of a pro driver at the best of times and worse at other times. It is just that I am a pro and don’t think other drivers should get away with their foolishness and stupid acts. Normally I am a quiet and subdued driver. But, when I honk my horn, Peter freaks and gets all shaken up. He can’t defend me if I get into an arguement with any other drivers or people. He gets afraid to the point of shaking anxiously. I can’t stand to see him like that so I do pull in my horns.

Peter went shopping at Food Basics and was back quite quickly. We then went straight home. At home, Peter began cooking a supper, mostly for me. We had two sausages on buns while I had a sausage and a bowl of beans. As soon as we had finished eating, Jessica and her friend Gabby came through the door. Jessica set about cooking up something of a supper for the two of them. I went out onto the balcony for a smoke and was soon joined by the two of them.

It was amazing what we talked about. I told a story of sorts and they were able to say what they were up to. We always get along so well. I managed to show Gabby my collection of sketches and something about the balsa wood planes that I build. Later, the TV and Netflix became the entertainment. I began to type out this bit of text. Now back to YouTube and the alien presence on our poor resourceful planet.

This is the kind of girl you are. You are the epitome of elegance and charm. At the same time, you are savage, brutal and a total bad-ass to those who mess with you. You are the kind of girl everybody wants to have and at the same time terrified to mess with.
You have a facade that is enigmatic that lures everyone to you like a magnet does. But, you are hard catch! Share your result, tag your friends and let them find out what kind of girl they are.


May. 3rd, 2017 10:51 pm
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Sinking into our emotions isn't easy today, but circumstances pull us out of our heads and into our hearts. The contemplative Cancer Moon turns our attention inward while her rough connections to five planets pit our feelings against the intentions of others. Magnetic Venus forms a creative connection with passionate Pluto, requiring us to dig beneath the apparent differences and seek meaningful connections by first establishing common ground.

Instead of gathering facts to make a critical decision at work today, you're ready to close your eyes and go with your intuition. Luckily, your psychic powers are on point now, yet your gut instincts might still create tricky cross currents in the real world. The receptive Cancer Moon is up against the wall in your 10th House of Public Recognition, requiring you to fight for your beliefs. Don't back down if your position conflicts with anyone else's. Stand up for your convictions, even if you must stand alone.

Yesterday and this morning were overcast with long bouts of heavy rain at times that marked the last day of April. The last weekend of April was marked by something else. A swing stage about four feet wide and thirty feet long was suspended against the northeastern end of our building. The suspension cables and ropes were slack enough that they swung up against the side of the building to make a terrific slap noise. From Friday afternoon until Monday morning that loud noise carried on relentlessly. I am sure that there will be complaints voiced loudly in the office this morning.

I managed to get four hours of sleep from about 6:00 am until about 10:00 am. At about that time Jessica walked in the door to be at home again. A weekend was spent at grandmother’s to do yard work and general cleanups inside and out. It was a super improvement to grandma’s house that was appreciated greatly. Jessica came home to rest and sleep. The morning went by while watching Netflix shows.

I spent half an hour filling the bath tub with straight hot water. I sat on the toilet and combed both cats, first Twister and then Dory. I didn’t take much fur off either cat before I tossed them a dozen Temptation treats. Twister ate most of the treats because Dory doesn’t eat them with much relish. Every day does mean a little treat of a dozen or so for the two cats that they know they will get when I have my bath.

I spend most of my time sitting at my desk. I cruise through FaceBook and YouTube for interesting articles, Some of the stuff is far out in imagination or something. Still, the truth is often stranger than fiction. Humans are so limited when it comes to what they can imagine. And the arguement still goes on about one or two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence. What crap.
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