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Although the cosmos blesses us with a day to integrate yesterday's intensity, we still have plenty of work to do. It's tempting to luxuriate in the sweet pleasures of the Moon's harmonious aspects to jolly Jupiter and beautiful Venus. But bringing the energy into physical manifestation is challenging until later in the day when the Moon joins action-hero Mars. Nevertheless, indulgence is tempered by responsibility when Luna opposes karmic Saturn.

Your brain power is cranked up high and even if you're just sitting in contemplation, you can hear words as they fly toward you from every direction. But you're not one to wait around for something special to happen; if an opportunity doesn't come knocking early in the day, you will go out looking for one later. In the meantime, use your imagination to explore every contingency possible. Capture the power of the moment by weaving your thoughts into stories with outcomes you wish to manifest.

Today was cloudy and cool so it was the motivation behind spending all day in bed. Sleep was much more preferable than going out to freeze or to attend the last day of the Tulip Festival. A dull cloudy sky doesn’t have much to light the colours of the flowers nor the green of the grass.


Descriptive English Writing Rules?
What do we know about the descriptive writing rules? Know the descriptive writing of the critters before you compose the sentence.
1)The cow jumped over the moon.
2)The cat leaped over the moon.
3)The submarine submerged under the moon.
The rules of composing English is an art in that it is creativity within the rigid rules that govern composition. Vocabulary exists for each and every language. So it is that English, being a very predatory language, can use descriptions used in other languages. Rules and vocabulary evolve as we encounter and incorporate different languages. Back to school, eh?

31 Quick Techniques to Make Your Site More Accessible

1. Make sure all the images on your site have specified alt attributes, height, and width.

2. Use blank alt text for purely decorative images.

3. Use header tags (


, etc)

4. Add skip links liberally

5. In your source: Content first, chrome after

6. Use CSS to hide screenreader-useful things from visual browsers

7. Write link text descriptively

8. Don't rely on tooltips or title text

9. Don't rely on alt text, either

10. Make your title text and alt text the same

11. Explicitly label all form fields

12. Use WAI-ARIA landmark roles

13. Use existing JavaScript libraries

14. Make sure everything has a tabindex

15. Put important things earlier in the tabindex

16. Don't hide any visible element from the keyboard

17. Never use tables unless presenting tabular data

18. And if you need tables, use <th> headers (and ARIA roles)

19. Use
      instead of image-based bullets

      20. Define all sizes in em, not px or pt

      21. Restrict large blocks of text to a narrower length

      22. Check your color contrast

      23. Avoid large blocks of pure white background (cream or grey is better)

      24. Provide light-on-dark and dark-on-light options

      25. Use at least two ways of highlighting information or errors

      26. Retain user input after errors

      27. Don't change the screen without user action

      28. And if you do dynamic content, let people turn it off -- permanently

      29. Don't use Flash or PDFs: use plain text

      30. Caption all audio and video (by people, not machines)

      31. Consider alternatives to CAPTCHA

      And, of course:

      0. Test it yourself.

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