Sep. 19th, 2017

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Interpersonal relationships grow more complicated today as the cosmos bombards us with unrelated instructions. We need time to regroup our thoughts while the proud Leo Moon is subdued by stern Saturn. But we’re ready for more fun and games when the Moon connects with boisterous Jupiter, romantic Venus and wild Uranus. This restless energy prompts us to take chances while a late-night Venus-Uranus trine tempts us with the sweet fruits of love.

Your irritability could slip past your gracious smile today, revealing your cards before you’re ready to play them. An anxious Mercury-Mars conjunction heats up your 12th House of Invisibility, urging you to keep your thoughts -- and possibly your anger -- to yourself. You may be worried that something you say will be taken the wrong way. Although you might benefit from spending time alone to reconnect with your feelings, it’s unproductive to avoid confrontation now. Unresolved dynamics are more likely to work out favorably when everything is out in the open.

It was 3:00 am when she came home from a night out performing for the proud Leather Boys of Ottawa. She had a story to tell in that she was the only one running for the office of Queen for the club she was performing at. How could it be that she wasn’t elected winner of the title? Fact is that there were other big factors in play that determined the present queen would stay as queen. It defied the best efforts of our dear friend in the non-existent election. The old politics hidden in the wings were what ruled everything that went on in the club. Pity.

Today was intended to take advantage of the hot sunshine. We started off at 2:00 pm by heading over to the mall. We left the mall after buying cigarettes and a few treats. Three of us rolled up to the Landsdown Farmer’s Market. It was pleasant to slowly roll along the booths of goods, produce, and jewellery. The crowded aisles were full of hundreds of people browsing and shopping in a large open area at the east side of the Landsdown Park.

We must have spent an hour in going along the aisles to browse through all of the booths, and tables of everything for sale. The sun was brightly hot despite a high overcast and puffy little clouds.It was about 3:30 pm when we decided to go on our own way while one electric wheelchair headed up Bank Street. We headed off in our own direction towards Dow’s Lake.

Somewhere along a cyclepath past Dow’s Lake was when I took my afternoon batch of pills. I sipped hot coffee from my Thermos to wash down the pills and two capsules. Then I smoked a cigarette as we rolled on to the rock sculptures on the Ottawa River. It was then that we stopped to rest and take a whole lot of pictures featuring the rock sculptures.

We kept going along the cyclepath until we reached Westboro Beach. I decided to take a walk on the sand beach until I reached the warm water of the Ottawa River. I walked into the warm water until it was up past my knees. It became cold because of the current so I stood still for a few minutes. I cooled down until I was too cold so I started back to the hot beach sand. My steps shortened and slowed down as I went along. I finally made it back to my electric wheelchair. I was much relieved to sit down on my comfortable seat.

My first thought was to light a cigarette. I started the motions to pull out a cigarette when Peter informed me that there was no smoking in a park. The Westboro Beach is a city park that doesn’t allow smoking. Oh well, I would have to wait until I was completely out of the park.

The bus to home only took half an hour from a short distance away. The sun was shining bright and it was more than warm outside. I was so happy to have had another day of summer weather. I needed that in the worst way to get a handle on my depression and health. I do have a fine line of factors that have to be kept in a reasonable balance.

I need prescriptions to take care of my pain. No pain handling prescriptions would leave me in a comatose state. Too much of the pain handling prescriptions would leave me in a drug overdose state. Just the right amount of pain handling prescriptions allows me to have a life balanced with the ups and downs of a drugged state to have a life worth living. It is worth the fight to have a life even if it does have challenging drawbacks and limitations.

Home again means home again. Safe and sound is the way to be and safe and sound is the way for me. I could write poems and draw pretty pictures about the meaning of coming home after a time away. Home again.


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