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We're still picking up on the positive vibes of the friendly Aquarius Moon, especially as she receives a new wave of support from the lighthearted Gemini Sun. Furthermore, the Moon cooperates with hardworking Saturn in inspirational Sagittarius, bringing a healthy dose of stability into our lives. We're able to envision a future that's different than the present moment, yet we do it in such a practical manner that we can actually realize our dreams.

You might wake up with lofty intentions today, aiming to be methodical about accomplishing your goals. But as the day wears on, you could become increasingly lackadaisical and fall further behind until you just give up. Don't be too self-judgmental if you find yourself on the wrong end of the stick now; give yourself the gift of reprieve. Scheduling additional time off can be accomplished without comparing your actual production to your high ideals. Focus on your potential, not your limits.

Today, which is actually now yesterday at about 5:00 am on the fifteenth of the month of June in 2017, started off in a reasonable enough manner. I was up at about two hours early before having to leave to visit Peter in the Rehab unit of the General Hospital. I was in a good mood and set about getting everything ready to go. Uhuh.

I fussed about trying to get everything ready for the backpack that included two little jars of ointment for Peter’s skin condition and two Thermoses of coffee. I also packed half of the remaining Tuesday Chicken Tenders and Wedgies for Peter to snack on. It all doesn’t seem like much but time was a wasting and slipping by far too fast. I would up being half an hour late by the time I locked the front door and headed out to the hospital. Why is that? I didn’t want to be late and yet half an hour seems such a long time.

My eyes are sore and my feet are swollen puffy red and sunburned. They are tender just to sit with my feet on the floor. I should be hungry but I am six pounds heavier than when I weighed myself three days ago. Where did three days go? I don’t think it was already three days and there it is, gone on the big calendar in the kitchen. I have to shovel off my desktop because it is so dirty and cluttered with stuff and my to do list.

Last night I sliced and buttered two hot cross raisin buns and set them on my desk to eat. I fell asleep before those little buns made it into my mouth. And, that little bit of Kahluah in my Thermos coffee didn’t please Peter nor I. The flavour was just a little off enough to be distasteful. Oh, my gums are sore from biting into the stiffly dried out little hot cross buns. Another reason to think why is that happening? ed


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