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Minor problems surface as we explore hidden aspects of love. On a practical level, we can't deny that we're intrigued by the unknown. However, our persistence is rewarded while magnetic Venus harmoniously trines shadowy Pluto, facilitating intense emotional interactions. But the reserved Cancer Moon is more comfortable when we feel more and share less. Nevertheless, we're driven to push past our fears and discover the magic of the dark.

You're drawn into a complicated melodrama that raises a familiar issue. It's difficult to maintain emotional distance when feelings intensify today. You can become consumed by a friend's crisis because you're willing to offer a sympathetic ear and a strong shoulder. The current circumstances might remind you of another power struggle when you were not in control, but don't let these memories shut you down prematurely. You have a significant role to play in someone's life now; be there for the people who matter.

It was 10:30 am when I woke up after having gone to sleep at about 3:45 am. I feel somewhat disconnected and fuzzy about my sense of reality. I had a smoke and took my morning pills. Now to wait until those little pill wonders take effect and eliminate my pain level enough to think clearly. I hate having to wait until pill effect comes about.

I started up StupidThree and began the work of starting my blog material. It is a flat wonder of looking at the latest news until the Tarot network connects. A few moments of world news is about all I can stand at the moment. It’s not that I give two hoots about world news, but that I am so shakey with my fingers and thoughts. Shake! Shake! Shake your booty!

We live at an elevated level of about a hundred feet above ground in a small valley caused by the Rideau River. A major traffic artery flows past near by on that level ground by the river. The sound of traffic flowing is diminished by a wave of media sounds blasting from the distant Landsdown complex carried over to us by the light morning breeze brushing the forest surrounding the little Sawmill Creek burbling below us with that waterwheel turning the creek bottom with a century old splashing pulse. The mix of sound levels can be so soothing to relax to while sitting on the balcony repulse beside the technology networked abode we inhabit at the south center district of downtown metropolis of Ottawa city boasting a million strong population. We do what we do.

Peter is still sleeping while the alarm radio plays a local radio station in the main bedroom at the back of the two bedroom apartment. I, in my kimono, sit in a silent gloom while pondering my list of half a dozen partially finished blogs list loaded in my wordprocessor program. StupidThree is a critical component of my daily functions and amusement. Time slips away ever so quickly when I am linked up with distant realms of conjecture and alternate realities.

A third week of Peter’s Rehab Center attendance has passed away. My twice daily expeditions to deliver Thermos coffee has temporarily ended for this brief weekend. Peter dreams while I design the next stages of construction and all of those repairs needed to maintain fleets and flights of my accomplishments. It is all for the best that my inactivity has gone on this long while I relinquish my addictions and of the moment during my sojourn into oblivion.

St Jean Baptist Day, the holiday is bright, warm, and wonderfully summer like as we all like it. It is too bad that we can’t have all days like today, so nice and pleasant. I suppose there is some confirmation of facts concerning balance in everything to do with life and all exertions of humanity in every respect. There is only so much that can be measured and compared in any way that can be seen in a reasonable manner.

The highlight of this afternoon was the quick short trip in our trusty van down to our homey trailer in storage. The nineteen foot long trailer has been invaded by field mice and other sorts of little critters.

We bought sticky traps to catch the rodents within the interior of the trailer. Sticky traps are not a dangerous item like a regular spring loaded mouse trap that maims or kills. For that reason alone, I consider sticky traps to be cruel punishment of innocent little critters who just want to live peacefully. Oh well.

It isn’t nice to have two sleeping bags, a pillow, and a comforter chewed into ruin for t he sake of a nest or two. The stuffing of cotton materials had been spread out in the bathroom, and along the walkway along the kitchen counter and between the queen sized bed to the same sized dining feature of table or bed. The damage done by the mice is more than just the chewing of things. They leave germs and mouse droppings where they go that makes it unsafe for people who have to put up with the mess.

Peter is happy that we are taking care of our trailer even while it is in storage. But, Peter is depressed that we don’t use the trailer any where near what we should be using it for camping and travels. We do want to travel although our health is not up to dealing with the physical demands of us that would be needed. We do need go juice of at least two different kinds. One kind is for ourselves in having the health to be able to travel and the other go juice is the kind that would enable us to pay actual cash for our travel expenses. It isn’t anything cheap that we intend for ourselves.

Here I am writing about our little travel trailer when I should be writing about the many trials and tribulations I am going through in just existing in disabled and sickly circumstances. Another round of sputum tests and antibiotics for my UTI. I don’t know the root cause of the steady malady of UTI that besets me as quickly as a few days after I finish taking a course of antibiotics. They say it is merely a condition that one must bear. Grr!

Being as disabled and sick as I am, I should not be travelling by electric wheelchair back and forth twice daily just to take Peter some fresh hot Thermos coffee. It is a small thing in comparison to the efforts that Peter expended in keeping up with my needs while I was hospitalized. Actually, a big difference.


Your answers reveal that kindness is your most dominant personality trait. You are very sensitive to others and rarely have a bad thing to say about anyone. People are constantly impressed by your thoughtfulness. If someone is having a bad day, you always seem to know how to make it better.

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