Feb. 8th, 2017

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Relationships seem unstable today, but anything that changes right away will tend to be inconsequential in the long run. It's easier to respond to events, rather than initiating a whole new course of action while the Moon travels through emotionally sensitive Cancer. Nevertheless, we're sailing through some rough waters while lunar squares to wild Uranus and indulgent Jupiter attract unconventional schemes that demand faith rather than facts.

Today started off at the regular time and went along slowly. I was able to get some toast for a snack and two croissants. Of course they were washed down with coffee as usual. I did manage to drink a few cups of coffee during the course of the morning.

Another appointment with Dr. Spees was slated for the afternoon. It was merely fifteen minutes from being parked to the office parking lot of Dr. Spees for the entire road trip. It was a total of 65 kms round trip to go from home to Dr.Spees, wait for an hour and then go to the pharmacy. From the pharmacy to home was only a short trip after another fifteen minute wait. The pharmacy was actually very fast with my prescription.

On the way to the pharmacy we stopped to check the sidewalks of Obsessions to see if the snow had been plowed. It was funny to see that the sidewalk to Obsessions had been plowed clear of snow. But, we would not have been able to get past the driveway to Obsessions for a ridge of piled up icy snow.

You wouldn’t think that there would be much trouble for an electric wheelchair to get around in the city during winter. The fact is that every snowfall creates a trouble for electric wheelchairs. Small piles and ridges of snow are enough to halt the progress of any electric wheelchair. The city workers don’t think or don’t worry about the little bit of loss or spill from the plow blades. What looks like only a little bit of snow can actually be defeating for an electric wheelchair. We should know. We live on electric wheelchairs and they are often stuck in every snowfall. Perhaps we should tell our tales of woe on those electric wheel chairs.

Tales of woe are always something to talk about. It always happens that there are troubles to dull the shine on any bright day. Older people would have the experiences to know when a disaster has happened. They can even feel the ominous energy flowing right along until the sudden stop. It is the stop that hurts. The stop when everything should be flowing is the symptom of the full scope of the disaster.

I have a fear of a disaster in the making. There is no way I can tell of the type of danger other than it is fatal to people. I don’t know how, where, or when it will happen nor how many people it will involve. Whether it is a single person or a city of people that will perish, the fact is that there will be something. It is doubtful that only one or two people would set off any alarms. The alarm will sound only after the initial event happens. It would be far too late for some people while only a warning for the rest of humanity.


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