Feb. 14th, 2017

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Obstacles that slow us down today are meant to reveal where our plans need more work. We aren't willing to settle for anything less than perfect while the Virgo Moon influences our thinking. Her challenging square to Saturn prevents further progress until we address the issue. Thankfully, a brilliant Mercury-Uranus alignment enables us to think outside the box. Life seems like less of a struggle once the Moon shifts into lovely Libra at 3:42 pm EST. Is there specific issue you're facing? Get clarity with a live psychic reading today.

This morning started off at 5:00 am when I got up and decided to have a cigarette. The door to the balcony was frozen shut so I decided to go to the stairwell of the building to have my cigarette. The door to home was opened as slowly and quietly as possible to reveal the neighbour walking down the hallway to his own door. We both stopped and had a brief conversation about what I was doing. I told him that I was going for a smoke and that the balcony door was frozen so I was going to the stairwell. He was not surprised at what I was doing or that I was dressed in my white kimono with a cigarette in my mouth and a lighter in hand.

I sat on the second step of the stairwell and smoked my cigarette. I sat in thought about a lot of things and slowly dragged my breath through the lit cigarette. I suppose it took about ten minutes or so and then I went back inside the apartment. The door was sticky and hard to close as it was to open. There was some sound that I hoped wouldn’t wake up anyone. There were two cats and three adults sleeping soundly while I made my exit and entrance.

Back to the Matrix and the second disc of the set of ten discs. If I do two discs per day then I will be happy, So February starts off the Matrix month. It is a revelation to see how hard it is to train in specific movements for months. It does involve a lot of practice to show the actual movements that need to be in the movie. Martial arts is a perfectly choreographed dance of each motion in circumspect revealing meaning more than effect, History as fact needs to be preserved.


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