Feb. 28th, 2017

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It may take a while to sort out the facts surrounding today's events, but it's nearly impossible to avoid the shock of awakening to the truth. A powerful New Moon Eclipse in imaginative Pisces at 9:58 am EST pulls the wool over our eyes as it joins confusing Neptune. But warrior Mars hooks up with electric Uranus to reactivate the long-lasting Uranus-Pluto square, revealing new information, agitating social change and demanding personal involvement.

Others look to you for advice today because you seem to have all the answers. Your colleagues lean on you and you're not one to let them down. However, you could easily underestimate the amount of work required to fulfill their expectations. Thankfully, a seemingly endless pool of energy allows you to navigate these intense times with grace. It might be helpful to let off some steam if you don't mind a little friendly combat. If you want to be trusted, just be honest right from the start.

We were up at about the usual time for mornings. Lynne and Kim were expecting us to visit at about 11:00 am. Kim was admitted to a palliative care home in Gatineau, PQ. We were there at about the right time although there was a trouble in finding parking. After two trips around the block I decided to just stop in the middle of the driveway to the full parkinglot. After a short time, someone came out to get into their vehicle and leave. We then parked.

We rode on our electric wheelchairs around the converted church to the rear entrance. There was only one elevator into the building that serviced three floors of the four floor building. Lynne was out to meet us and take us into the building where Kim was. They had a full sized room with all of the needed medical equipment and several armchairs and couches. It was ideally set up for a sick person to have family visit and stay if necessary.

Kim was sedated and stretched out on a large hospital bed. Lynne and Peter sat on a couch while I remained sitting on my own electric wheelchair. We talked and talked for more than two hours. I took a few pictures and added to the conversation. This went on until a nurse came in to attend to Kim. Soon there were a few more nurses busy with what needed to be done.

Peter sat outside the room on a chair while Lynne and I went outside for a cigarette. We came back inside to find Peter still sitting outside the door to Kim’s room. The nurses came out at about that time so we could return to the room. We talked with Lynne for about an hour more. Peter kept hinting that we should go but I wanted to stay longer and talk some more. Finally Peter became more obstinate and we left with Lynne leading the way out.

The palliative care facility was a converted church. There was literally a building within the building that had two story high rooms laid out in two separate structures. It was almost a maze to get around on separate floors inside the outer building. The whole building within a building was a work of art more than a functional facility. It was the first time I had seen such a home for palliative care.

Peter and I returned home. We had a short time at home to get ready to take Les out for supper at Tucker’s Restaurant. It was Les’s fifty-second birthday. Alison and Les were pleased with the large restaurant and the buffet style of menu. There was a large selection of salads, main courses, and selections of roast beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, and then there were the desserts. All four of us overate so much we could hardly move.

We had to walk three blocks to go from the Tucker’s Restaurant to the nearest bus stop. We didn’t wait too long before our bus #97 came along. Less than half an hour later we were at our closed and locked mall. We walked a block in the cold darkness to get home. Everyone except for me went to bed. I stayed up to talk to Mom on my StupidThree computer. Eventually I made my way to bed.

At about 11:30 am Cynthia showed up. She had the news that Kim had passed away at about 10:30 pm the night before. I thought it was about the same time that we had arrived home from the supper at the restaurant. It was close enough for me to think that perhaps there was more than coincidence at work.

Cynthia was concerned that Lynne shouldn’t be left alone or unattended. I’d thought the same thing and that perhaps Lynne should be visited just to make sure that Lynne was coping with Kim’s passing. I even volunteered Peter and I to go and visit Kim to make sure everything was being taken care of properly. In the end, I had a bath and crawled into bed to sleep through the afternoon. Cynthia had left at about 3:00 pm.

I was reminded by Kim’s passing away of my own time when I was so sick. I was so healthy and strong when I became sick. It was the worst version of super flu I had experienced. I layed myself down on my futon bed for four years. I couldn’t walk more than a few yards or go up or down stairs. My weight dropped to 98 lbs and all of my teeth broke so had to be pulled out. I could not describe the pain that I experienced. A decade later was when I started to get healthier and gain some weight.

Kim and I shared some experiences and we were members of the same non-profit organization. We were happy to meet each other and talk about all kinds of things that we had experienced in our lives. It’s funny to think that although we lived on opposite sides of the continent that we shared so much in common.


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