Mar. 19th, 2017

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Expressing our desires is a piece of cake when messenger Mercury joins pleasure-seeking Venus in spontaneous Aries. Although our words are clear, our attractions are changing now that Venus is retrograde -- and it may take several weeks to truly know what we want. Luckily, the idealistic Sagittarius Moon trines Mercury and Venus, providing a balance between our heads and our hearts. Nevertheless, the process of metamorphosis cannot be rushed.

The power of planning can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you use it. Unfortunately, merging your daily schedule with bigger objectives seems impossible and you could feel overworked and under-rewarded today. However, it's difficult to see past what's right in front of you now, and determining the best time-management strategy is likely to go poorly. Your efforts might not produce the output expected, but more time is required to know if that's really the case. Hold your ground; you may not need to scrap your plan to save it.

Another day of bright sunshine has passed while sleep wasted away the time. The sun set with beautiful colours and what warmth there was cooled. The blanket of snow didn’t seem to melt at all even though the temperatures hovered around just below the freezing mark. It was a relief to know that the weather was warming up from the bone numbing cold that marked the past two weeks. Spring is approaching relentlessly by each day.
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Strange energies abound today and it can be tricky to make our way directly from one place to another. Destinations might appear closer than they actually are while the far-seeing Sagittarius Moon magnifies distant objects so they seem nearby. Nevertheless, we may need to work harder to finish our chores, but we have more endurance than we realize. A surprise breakthrough could release us from old habits when the Moon trines rebellious Uranus.

The world right outside your door seems to sparkle with possibility today, and sitting still is the last thing you want to do. You don't have to go far to find excitement when the buoyant Sagittarius Moon traverses your 3rd House of Short Trips. Stimulating conversations happen organically at the grocery store, post office or other local stop. However, someone could appear out of left field with shocking comments that turn your thinking upside down. Awareness changes everything.

I managed to sleep through the past two days without any trouble. I haven’t the energy to rise up to do anything when I do sit up. I have averaged to take my dose of pills about two hours late. That throws my entire system off by changing my sleeping habits. What habits? I don’t have any regular sleeping habits because I went to sleep at 9:30 am and slept through until 11:30 am. Now I feel like I have slept for a whole night. Yet I don’t have the energy to think let alone do anything.

I have been fighting pneumonia for a year and a half. The doctor kept feeding me antibiotics, but to no effect. Finally I went into the hospital where they found I had a fungal infection. I spent two weeks in intravenous antibiotics that actually worked. Another six months of another type of antibiotics made a dent in the pneumonia I had. I keep coughing up a tablespoonful of thick mucous that was hard to even move out of my bronchial tubes. It seems that a reaction to something is going on that only mimics pneumonia. I hate being sick.

The one thing I have done is to start a collection of select sketches. Facebook allowed me to create a webpage just for my work. I have built fourteen balsa wood aircraft that actually fly. They are kits that have rubber band powered propellers and are perfectly balanced to fly straight and true, I am happy about the amount of details I have built into each kit. There is even a certain amount of engineering done in a few of the planes to add details such as flaps and ailerons, stabilizers and rudders that can move. And there is much more.

I like working with balsa wood. It is a soft and sturdy material that lets me add as much detail as I want. The trouble is that my fingers don’t have any feeling so I have to know how hard I am pressing. Often I break delicate parts that I have constructed. It is frustrating to know that I have to use a metal glue so my fingers don’t press parts apart as I hold them for whatever reason. It is a case of learning how to watch my fingers as they work at gripping and holding things.

Life is constantly learning combined with forgetting. Repeated things are easily remembered and habits can be formed well enough. The trouble with forgetting is that you learn different things, different points of view and ways of doing things. Something simple like tying shoe laces can be done in a number of different ways. It all goes back to learning and how you learn.


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