Apr. 1st, 2017

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The more emotional processing we can do today, the lighter we'll feel later on. A creative Venus-Pluto alignment inspires us with our own passions. But we spread our wings and fly high when the Moon shifts into breezy Gemini at 12:40 pm EDT. Nevertheless, we are still forces to be reckoned with because messenger Mercury enters stubborn Taurus at 1:30 pm, adding substance to our words. Communication is the key to building better relationships.

Always the limber conversationalist, your mind stretches into a different direction today when your thoughts lead you to more profound places. You're interested in ferreting out the deeper meaning as Mercury the Messenger descends into your 8th House of Transformation, lighting the way to increased self-awareness. However, your sociability is still in play; you're likely to keep your friendly exterior and only share your innermost discoveries with those closest to you. Actress Emma Watson quipped, "The less you reveal, the more people can wonder."

The snow storm of last night was somewhat late. It started in the afternoon when we started off to the accountants in Elmvale Mall. We were a month early and we pay nothing to get nothing. So far so good. The purpose of our trip was accomplished. Off back to home mall and a meal of spicy chicken, rice, spiced potatoes, and gravy. It was delicious but far too spicy for me,

I ate what I could and departed to the front main mall entrance for a smoke.
2.8 billion years old? Yes, evidence. What do I care about what I think? A good smoke of a cigarette lets me think even more. I finished my smoke and met with Peter at about the same time. We went through the mall to the Pet shop which we always check out for cats. Yes, cats. A smokey Himalayan white male kitten for a mere $899.00 plus taxes and such. Oh well, eh?

We left the Pet shop and did a cruise through Wally’s World. Of course, we went to the movies section of Entertainment. Yes, and we bought a movie of a book we both read a while ago. I can’t read or watch any paranormal stuff because it scares me silly. Just is. So, we did get some pastries and left the big WallyWorld.

We slowly went through the mall in the direction of home. We came upon a shoe store and looked for a particular shoe. Just inside the store, was a collection of those shoes. So, as a late present to Peter, I agreed to buying those shoes for Peter. It was a done deal and I felt better for getting a present as a birthday present e4ven if it was a day late. We came home in the sharp winds of a snow storm.

I was cold when I got home. All I could think of was to get warm and have a hot bath. I poured the bath and combed both cats, gave Twister her 0.5 CC of Prednisone, and generally cleaned up the floor to throw treats to Twister. I did slide into the hot water and suds. Ah.

With extra hydromorphone, I enjoyed my bath and did what I always do in the bathroom. I like my habits of personal hygiene and despite Les pissing all over the toilet every time, I can keep clean to my personal satisfaction. What really helps is the extra patch of Fentanyl that levels out my pain level. So, as it proceeds and on with the show.


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