May. 2nd, 2017

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The winds of change are blowing strong once again and we're wiser to soar with the currents than to fight against them. Relationships fly into new territory as romantic Venus slips into impulsive Aries. The familiarity of today's energetic signature is haunting as retrograde Mercury backs into electric Uranus, sparking a firestorm of information in the midst of a tempest. Meanwhile, the curious Gemini Moon distracts us with one thing after another.

You can express yourself so smoothly that you might think it's possible to circumvent authority. However, you still may experience a setback now if your current plans are overly ambitious. Nevertheless, you don't like people delaying your progress or being told no for arbitrary reasons. Turning on the diplomatic charm slips you past the resistance today. Fortunately, engaging in honest dialogue sets the stage for a mutually beneficial compromise and a harmonious working environment.

Today started off earlier than usual. I woke up after only a few hours of sleep that started at about 2:00 am. I was in no mood to fight a losing battle so I retreated to my desk to put my feet up and suffer with the consequences. It was my place to sleep until about 9:00 am after having awakened several times.

Sleep or no sleep meant that it was laundry day with the help of slave. Our dear slave made it happen despite our sick and wasted efforts. It was a total of seven loads to get all of the laundry washed, dried, folded, and put into baskets. I am so happy that the couch and bed are now safe places to lounge about and rest as we need. The battle may be won but I am sure that the war is far from over against the dreaded bedbugs haunting our abode.

Slave left at about 4:00 pm and Peter was still asleep on the bed. I hope he has a nice gentle sleep. Meanwhile I have watched four movies and have more lined up. I keep looking at the pile of stacked movies and think of the books that they should all be in instead of that dreadful looking pile. Uhuh.

It is now 3:00 am and I have just finished a little bit of mop up cleaning that had to be done. I went into the bathroom where I found a dozen little bedbugs on the bathroom mat at the foot of the toilet. I used a piece of toilet paper to get the little critters and give them a ride into the toilet water. I did a quick job of the wiping up process and it worked very successfully without using any Raid pesticide. Now to see about other areas of the livingroom that also might need my attention.


The BIG question is what could these HUGE structures be above earth?! It has been stated that the image in NASA’s capture is in the region of about 12,000 miles in length! Could this be the reason WHY we are seeing so very many UFO sightings recently and as mentioned in a previous post, UFO sightings are dramatically on the rise….could these huge structures possibly be huge mother-ships for a specific Alien race!?

Could this also be the reason why the US Military keep sending top secret crafts into space with NO explanation as to what they are up to!? Quite possibly YES!

Please, please, please share this post and keep your eye out for more images to be released by NASA soon….it’s important we discover the TRUTH about what is going on around us.

We will keep you updated on this. U.I.P. Summary.


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