Feb. 17th, 2017

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Hidden agendas are brought out into the open, prompting us to deal with them in a rational manner. The Moon's shift into secretive Scorpio at 1:40 am EST affirms the necessity of change. But several supernatural aspects draw the mysteries of fate into our lives, especially if something happens for no apparent reason. Thankfully, a savvy sextile between interactive Mercury and active Mars enables us to walk our talk once we share what's on our minds.

Once you scratch the surface of your feelings, it's obvious that something has to shift. Your romantic desires are painfully clear now as you finally find the courage to talk about what you need. It takes two to tango; fortunately, a friendly alignment between logical Mercury and assertive Mars increases your emotional intelligence so you can play your part in the relationship dance of your choice. Steven Covey wrote, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood."

Today started off with a phone call last night. Our dear friend was intending to visit two people in our area before coming over to visit us. It was intended that the two other people were only going to be visited for a short time to be able to spend more time at our place. OK!

The night sleep started off at about 3:00 am and went until 9:30 am for me. I slept so well that I was groggy and still half asleep when I did wake up. It was one of those mornings when only Alison went off to work. Les was still sitting in a chair when I wandered out dressed in my kimono. I decided to have some cold coffee with my breakfast of capsules and pills. Then I decided to have a bath.

I went into the bathroom and started to run the hot water. My water was still running when Peter had the urge to go out to the pharmacy. He got dressed in winter clothes and left shortly after. It takes half an hour to fill the tub with just hot water. Then it takes another ten minutes of running cold water to bring the water temperature down to somewhere between 110 and 115 degrees.

Forty minutes is a long enough time to spend on Twister. The first thing I did was to give Twister her Prednisone. A 0.5 cc of Prednisone daily is what she gets. After the medicine, I give her a dozen or so treats as a reward, Then, I chase her into the bathroom to comb her fur. Daily combing sessions can fill a waste basket in six months. I was still sleeping in the bath when he left.

I woke up when the water started to cool enough. I shivered as I pulled myself out of the bathtub. I wrapped myself in a big white towel, grabbed my kimono and slippers and tippy toed into the bedroom. I did my usual morning routine, applied a few creams and gels, and dried myself off. My hair was still wet when I dressed. My morning routine hour finished well enough and I went to my desk.

I thought it was too cold to go out onto the balcony in the cold so I decided to go around the corner into the stairwell of the building. I got a cigarette out and my lighter in hand before I went to the door. I decided not to close the door completely. I walked ten steps to the door to the stairway, went through the door and closed it as quietly as possible. I took another few steps to sit on the stairway to the upper level. I lit my cigarette and sat thinking in peace.

Some time later, I was almost finished my cigarette. It was totally quiet when I heard the home door open. Les came out, turned in the hallway and locked the door. I heard the door lock click before keys jingled as Les walked away in the direction of the elevators. I continued to sit smoking in peace.

Long minutes later, I finished my cigarette and had to go to the bathroom. I got up, walked to the stairway door, opened it, stepped through before closing it as quietly as possible. I walked to the locked, closed door and tried it. Yup. I was locked out.

I used my lighter to knock on the metal sheathed door. The tap tap tap, space tap tap sounded my code and minutes later the door opened. I stood still for a moment before making a squeaky mew sound. I kept repeating myself as I stepped through the door. Peter was laughing until tears were in his eyes.

The morning continued on as usual after my little adventure in the hallway. I had a tall glass of water and a cup of yesterday’s Thermos coffee in my cup. I told him that it was time to make a fresh pot of coffee. He set about the task only after an hour of coaxing. What was I to expect about same day service? There is nothing procrastinating about a procrastinator.
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We're not satisfied with easy answers to complex problems while the suspicious Scorpio Moon demands that we get to the bottom of an issue. The Moon's square to messenger Mercury makes it difficult to communicate our findings, however significant they might be. It may seem as if time is running out because it's the last day of the Sun's annual visit to intellectual Aquarius. Nevertheless, we'll have the opportunity to reveal the truth soon enough.

Your emotions are flowing so strongly now that you secretly wonder if you'll be able to contain them. However, the intense Scorpio Moon stirs your pot of desires while objective Mercury attempts to translate your passions into cold hard facts. You wish you could convey the depth and meaning you find in the things that matter most to you, but it's impossible to formulate the right words today. The way you express yourself may sound more detached than you intend, but the time will come when your heart will harmoniously align with your head.

Today is the day after the visit. I was exhausted when I went to sleep so curled up tightly. It took less than minutes for me to warm up and fall into sleep. Ah sleep, that miracle state of healing and restoration. that oblivion sometimes in a field of dreams and sometimes not. I don’t remember anything upon dragging myself into wakefulness.

I was actually up for about two hours to have a cigarette and a breakfast of oat porridge. The bowl of porridge was flavoured with an ounce of butter and three tablespoons of honey. I love breakfasts prepared that way. I also had a cup of fresh hot coffee. That was about the time that Peter became cold. He wanted to go back to bed just to warm up. OK!

I woke up at about 3:00 pm. I dragged myself off to the bathroom and did my little duty, I then walked out to my desk and had three chocolate brownies as a hunger management attempt. Then I thought about the things we had planned for the day. Oops, no go today.

It is now about 5:00 pm in a very quiet home. I am alone on the StupidThree PC that keeps me sane somehow. It isn’t very reassuring to know that I am so close to the edge of my ability to cope with my circumstances. Still, I am far better off in my disabilities than the two dear best friends who are now soon to leave with their own troubles in the directions of Heaven etc. I say that knowing I am beginning to bear the loss that is so inevitable.

Today is a day of sorrows. We now know for sure that two of our best friends are not far from Heaven. The time is short and nothing is left of our dear friends. Then I receive another shocker about Vets having decided to end it all with a graceful act of self sacrifice. Frack!

What sort of world do we live in to let this happen to us? We lived the best age of humanity and saw biplanes fly, rockets to Mars in the sky, and the golden age of technology happen around us! We are left behind it all in doting illness and oldness. We who were behind it all doing our part in propping up our version of civilization. Right.

Facebook says:
Your defining characteristics are: empathy, sincerity, altruistic, selflessness, unconditional love for others.

Helpers are extremely friendly, generous and self-serving! you are well-meaning and driven to be close to others. You can sometimes be taken advantage of by others because of your desire to constantly help others.

Gawd! Don’t you just love those little tests that everyone sends for you to play? It just boggles the mind how anything so senseless can take up so much of your precious time without any income.

You are:

Dion Fortune
British occultist and magician, Dion was a wacky author and novelist. She died in 1946, at the age of 55, but not before leaving a bit of a legacy behind her. She cofounded the Fraternity of the Inner Light, an organization that promoted a philosophy that she claimed spirits had taught her. She published articles on these subjects and seven novels that expanded on these occult themes. To this day, she's recognized as being one of the most prominent oculists of the twentieth century, whose writings and teachings have influenced later groups, like Wicca.

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